Here is an invitation to participate in a free wildlife camera monitoring training event on Nov 12th T 10 am-4 pm. This event is being offered by Conservation Northwest and the Veterans’ Ecological Trades Collective in South Thurston County. This event will support our efforts in training veterans in sustainable agriculture and conservation ecology. While we strongly encourage veterans to come out to gather with us and learn about the work we are doing here, we also want to extend this invitation to the entire community. Please come join us for this special event over Veteran’s day weekend. 

We will teach you how to set up and maintain wildlife cameras and how to identify species and manage data. We will discuss the wildlife corridor that crosses over I-5 and runs through this farm, in the midst of its restoration. In addition, we will discuss this wildlife corridor in the context of the recently announced Thurston County airport. Lastly, we discuss the potential of a wildlife crossing structure at this location and what that would mean for the area’s ecology. 

See attached Flyer for Details and RSVP to

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