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World PhD Students Sustainability Summit 2022On-Line, 8th March 2022Organised by the European School of Sustainability Science andResearch,  the Inter-University Sustainable Development ResearchProgramme and the European Alliance for Sustainability ResearchRationaleThe PhD students currently working on matters of sustainabledevelopment will be the ones leading future trends in 2030-2050scale, when they will occupy key roles in academia, industry and othersectors. It is therefore vital that they get the best possible training.One important component of this training is the interaction andexchange of information among their peers. Unfortunately,  many doctoralstudents work on their themes in an isolated manner, detached from otherinterdisciplinary groups. Also, they seldom have the opportunity topresent and discuss their works with international PhD students andexperts from outside their organisations. Yet,  much could be achievedby such an interaction. It is on the basis of the need to address thisgap, that the World PhD Students Sustainability Summit 2022 is beingorganised. This will be a yearly event, the first of which will be heldonline on  8th March 2022.Aims of the eventThe aims of the World PhD Students Sustainability Summit 2022 are:i. to provide PhD students from around the world with an opportunity todisplay and present their works as they relate to sustainable development;ii. to foster the exchange of information, ideas and experiencesacquired in the execution of PhD research projects;iii. to network the participants and provide a platform so they canexplore possibilities for cooperation.How to participateParticipation in the event is free of any charges and  is open todoctoral students working on matters related to sustainable development,at both an early stage, and at an advanced stage of their work. Inorder to take part in the World PhD Students Sustainability Summit 2022,interested persons should send an expression of interest containing the following information to the organising team:First name:Surname:Institution:Country:Contact e-mail:Title of the PhD  work and of the presentation:Summary (200 words) of the work including methods used and scope of thepresentation:These details should be sent to: deadline for submissions is 30th January 2022. Further information, including a template for the presentations, will be sent to the selectedcandidates. Please note that the organisers may not be able to considerlate submissions and that there is a limit on the number of presentations.About the OrganisersThe event is organised by the European School of Sustainability Scienceand Research,  the Inter-University SustainableDevelopment Research Programme and the European Alliance for Sustainability Research, incooperation with Manchester Metropolitan University.The World PhD Students Sustainability Summit 2022 is chaired byProfessor Walter Leal (HAW Hamburg & Manchester MetropolitanUniversity), supported by a team of international experts.Further informationHamburg University of Applied SciencesFaculty of Life SciencesResearch and Transfer Centre „Sustainable Development and Climate ChangeManagement“Ulmenliet 2021033 Hamburg, GermanyE-mail: