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The Willamette National Forest is now accepting applications for multiple positions.




Deadline: December 15, 2023 

Open Positions

APPLY: If you are interested in this position please complete the attached Outreach Response Form and return it to no later than Close Of Business (COB) 12/15/2023.





The Willamette National Forest is a large, complex forest, encompassing over
1.6 million acres in Oregon, which stretches for 110 miles along the western
slopes of the Cascades. There are four Districts, an experimental forest, and a
diverse and challenging program of work. It is known for its numerous volcanic peaks, the forested Cascade Range, and its outstanding rivers.

Below is more information about the current Duty Locations offering positions.

Detroit Ranger District in Detroit, OR

Detroit Lake Recreation Area Business Association
HC73, Box 320, Mill City, OR 97360, 503-854-3366.

The City of Detroit is home of Detroit Lake located in the heart of the Cascade Mountains. Detroit Lake (busiest boating reservoir in the State of Oregon) and the surrounding area offers, fishing, camping, boating, hiking, hunting, skiing and many other recreational opportunities. The West Cascades National Scenic Byway, has some of the most spectacular scenery in Oregon. The area includes the popular Breitenbush Hotsprings, Cascading Rivers Scenic Bikeway, Mt Jefferson (the second highest mountain in Oregon) as well as High Mountain lakes are in the area. Highway 46 provides backcountry connection to Mt Hood NF.

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Note: the Detroit Ranger District is included in the Portland-Vancouver-Salem locality pay area and is
subject to a 24.98% locality pay adjustment.


McKenzie River Ranger District in McKenzie Bridge, OR

McKenzie River Valley, Oregon
57600 McKenzie Hwy, McKenzie Bridge, OR 97413, 541-822-3381.

The beautiful McKenzie River Hwy is a 100-mile-long corridor stretching between Sisters on the east and Springfield on the west. Renowned for fishing, the McKenzie River supports spring Chinook salmon, winter steelhead and summer steelhead as well as native rainbow, cutthroat and bull trout. The high lakes have been planted with rainbow and brook trout, making the McKenzie River Corridor an outdoor sports paradise. The West Cascades National Scenic Byway, has some of the most spectacular scenery in Oregon. The area includes the popular Terwilliger Hot Springs, Sahalie Falls, Clear Lake, and Hoodoo Ski Area.

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Middle Fork Ranger District in Westfir, OR

Home46375 Highway 58, Westfir, OR 97492, 541-782-2283.

Oakridge and Westfir sit at the base of the Cascade Mountains, situated along the Middle Fork of the Willamette River. The area is surrounded by the Willamette National Forest and numerous recreation opportunities. There are 500 miles of trails in the area for hiking, mountain biking, cross country and downhill skiing, snow shoeing, horseback riding and OHVs. There are lakes, rivers and reservoirs for fishing and boating, three wilderness areas, numerous campgrounds, and several important scenic destinations such as Salt Creek Falls and Waldo Lake. You can see why Oakridge is known as “The Center of Oregon Recreation.” The district office is only a 35-minute drive to Springfield and Eugene.

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Open Positions

Position Description 

Forestry Technician – Recreation
– GS-0462-06/07: 


Description & Apply 


Duty Location for all recreation openings: McKenzie Bridge, OR

Contact for Developed Rec:

Contact for Special Uses:

Developed Recreation & Special Uses: Assists other resource personnel to develop long-range plans for managing recreation resources within management developed and dispersed recreation sites on the unit. Identifies potential problems arising from changing use patterns and new activities and recommends strategies to deal with them. Assists in the development of plans for recreation area maintenance, rehabilitation, reconstruction, and construction projects in accordance with program management objectives and policies. Participates in the development of the unit’s annual work plans. Prepares detailed project work plans and schedules. Recommends settings for a variety of proposed recreation facilities and provides information about the characteristics of each area. Serves as contracting officer’s representative (COR). Participates in all aspects of Special Use Permit administration for activities within undeveloped and developed areas of the unit. authorization. Assists with the enforcement of Off-Road-Vehicle (ORV) restrictions, including maintenance and posting of regulatory signs and enforcement of restrictions. Assists in enforcing Federal Regulations and to protect life and property. Maintains developed sites, e.g., roadside and backcountry dispersed sites. Maintains District recreation facilities. Helps to keep sign inventory current.

Forestry Technician – Recreation
– GS-0462-06/07: 


Description & Apply

Duty Location for all recreation openings: McKenzie Bridge, OR

Contact for OHV: gregg,

OHV: Assists in the development and the accomplishment of the district’s OHV program within the framework of existing planning documents. Patrols OHV use areas to ensure areas are operated, used and maintained in accordance with the appropriate planning documents. Prepares for review by supervisor, environmental documents for OHV projects and special use events. Recommends specific requirements for use of OHVs and the proposed recreation facilities. Implements and manages the unit’s year-round OHV recreation program. Applying for and managing grants. Monitors, inspects, and reports on contracted operations for compliance with contract provisions. Serves as a Forest Protection Officer (FPO). Operates and maintains, in safe working order, assigned vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles
and ATV and trail maintenance equipment and specialized equipment used. Assists with the enforcement of Off-Road-Vehicle (ORV) restrictions.

Forestry Technician – Timber – GS


Description & Apply 


Duty location for Timber Sale Admin:
McKenzie Bridge, OR Contact:

Duty Location for Timber Sale Prep:
Westfir, OR

Timber Sale Administration: Monitors and inspects timber sale operations having conventional contract requirements and conditions. Interprets and explains timber sale contract provisions. Inspects going timber sales areas for compliance with contract clauses governing location and construction of non-system roads, fire prevention, personal safety precautions, and cutting provisions. Obtains compliance or reports noncompliance to supervisor. Prepares written reports of all sale inspections and makes follow-ups on deficiencies. Performs final inspections and recommends acceptance of the contract for closure. Performs other duties as assigned.

Timber Sale Preparation: Interprets complex silvicultural prescriptions and marking guides to designate harvest timber. Informs supervisor or other higher level team member situations on the ground which are inconsistent with the prescription or marking guide. Develops and drafts timber cruise plans. Applies instructions issued in a cruise plan. Provides field instruction to apprentice cruisers in fundamental timber measuring practices, cruise methods, and techniques. Lays out timber sale boundaries in accordance with environmental assessments and other instruction, considering factors. Writes reports describing timber sale, resource, topographic features, and compliance of timber marking with guidelines. Interprets aerial photographs for information. Provides technical assistance to specialists in the development of complex logging plans and preliminary road location.


Position  Description

Forester – GS-0460-07/09: 


Description & Apply 

Duty Location: Westfir, OR

Assists with land management planning to complete environmental documents. Compiles, and analyzes project sale folder information. Implements silvicultural prescription. Participates in preparation of cruise documents, cruising, and marking of timber. Prepares general logging plans and verifies logging system settings. Oversees determination of sale boundaries, proper location of logging roads, acceptable marking and cutting methods, stumpage prices. Compiles and prepares draft timber sale contract packages for review.
Coordinates with resource specialists and timber sale administration team.


Position  Description

Archeologist – GS-0193-09/11:

Description & Apply 

Duty Location:
Detroit, OR and Westfir, OR

Contact for Detroit:

Contact for Westfir:

Develops, coordinates, and implements the Heritage Resource Program on the unit, including the development of policy, immediate and long-range objectives, integration with resource activities, and establishment or priorities. The Heritage Resource Program covers one or more resource area, such as the protection of historic and pre-historic properties and artifacts. Develops the unit’s budget and project plan of work. Plans, directs, coordinates and executes surveys for the location and verification of archeological and historical sites and provides guidance. Evaluates archeological and historical sites and identifies which are appropriate for inclusion to the National Register of Historic Places. Responsible for the individual and thematic eligibility assessments of selected or classes of sites. Supervises the excavation and salvage of archeological resources protection act assessments. Directs the preparation of maps, inventories, reports, and records relative to the discovery, protection, inventory, salvage, and interpretation of heritage and cultural resource areas. Administers archeological examination of road, reservoir, recreation, and other ground disturbing projects where archeological materials may be subject to destruction or damage. Consults with recognized Indian Tribes under provisions of the NHPA and NAGPRA. Prepares contract specifications for surveys or salvage of cultural and heritage resource sites and monitors contract operations. Acts as COR inspector.






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