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Salary– $2,827.00 – $3,650.00 Monthly

Our Wildlife Area Technician will,

  • Use truck, tractor, UTV, ATV, and backpack sprayers to apply herbicide to control weeds and use mechanical means to remove weeds.
  • Calculate applications rates, mix herbicides and adjuvants to rate and equipment specifications.
  • Clean equipment after use.
  • Maintain required records for each use.
  • Operate power and handheld equipment to accomplish mechanical removal.
  • Use GPS equipment to record new weed locations and navigate to past sites.
  • Work safely and use good judgement in remote locations.
  • Soil preparation, mowing, planting shrubs/trees, seeding, maintain irrigation systems, using tractor, ATV, UTV, and implements.
  • Irrigate food plots, shrub rows using handlines, permanent irrigation lines, and center pivot system.
  • Safely operate trucks and equipment in off-road situations.
  • Assist with sign maintenance and wildlife area facilities and grounds maintenance.
  • Assist with minor repair and maintenance of all equipment and vehicles.
  • Safely use a variety of hand tools including hammer, shovel, wire cutters, tamping bars, hand saws, and chainsaws.



  • Work Setting, including hazards:
    1. Field 90% office 5%.
    2. Hazards include exposure to inclement weather, including extreme heat or snow, rough terrain, and surfaces, hiking while carrying/lifting up to 50 pounds (equipment, bags of seed), exposure to various chemicals and chemical solvents, tripping/falling, high noise level, operating various vehicles, machines equipment and power tools.
  • Schedule:
    1. Overtime Eligible; Monday – Thursday 7:00am – 5:30pm; at times work may be off-schedule due to seasonal demands, emergencies, and time critical assignments.
    2. Available for non-scheduled work week and travel. Willingness and ability to work long irregular hours.
  • Travel Requirements:
    1. Daily travel to field sites.
    2. Wildlife area units are in Douglas and Okanogan counties, and travel may require daily round trips of up to 170 miles.
    3. 5% to 10% may be occasional travel required for training or meetings.
  • Tools and Equipment:
    1. Trucks, pickups, ATVs, UTVs, boats, trailers, tractors with a variety of implements, heavy equipment, sprayers, power, hand tools, GPS units.
    2. Occasional use of personal computer hardware and software (MS/Office/Outlook).
  • Customer Interactions:
    1. Occasional interactions may occur during the workday.





  • Three (3) years of experience in one or more of the following:
    1. Fish and wildlife habitat management.
    2. Habitat development and protection.
    3. Irrigation systems.
    4. Facilities and grounds maintenance.
    5. Tractor and equipment operation and maintenance.
    6. Pesticide applications.
    7. General farming 


  • College level work in agriculture, life science or a closely related natural resource field.


  • Valid driver’s license.



  • Washington State Pesticide Applicators License (to be obtained within 6 months of hire).
  • First Aid (training will be provided – to be obtained within 6 months of hire).
  • ATV certification (training will be provided – to be obtained within 6 months of hire).