Job Type: Permanent
Salary Details: $37,696 to $51,713

This position is a full-time, at will position, benefits included. The Watershed Technician will provide outreach and technical assistance to landowners for programs offered and managed by the Sherman County SWCD and USDA. The Technician will provide support for the SWCD on grant submittals and tracking, and project implementation. The position is located in Moro, Oregon and will work throughout Sherman County. The position will be supervised through the Sherman County Soil and Water Conservation District.

Essential Functions / Major Duties
1. Technician
a. Conduct field visits and develop designs/specifications for projects
b. Include NRCS standards and specifications as part of design package
c. Provide technical assistance to cooperator during practice implementation to include survey, layout, staking, construction inspection as required to assure quality and functionality
d. Perform inspection during construction of projects as needed and at completion
e. Monitor important aspects of projects as assigned, documenting success and failure
f. Prepare and submit quarterly reports and annual reports for the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) grants as required
g. Maintain a GIS geodatabase that will allow easy access and querying capabilities to valuable information regarding current and past restoration projects located throughout the watersheds.
h. Provide Farm bill Program Support to NRCS and FSA

2. Coordinate and administer Sherman County local County Cost Share program
a. Organize County Cost Share grant program
b. Work with applicants to put together project applications
c. Prepare contracts, fund requests
d. Promote the SWCD’s grant programs

3. Provide Public Outreach and Education
a. Participate in educational opportunities, including workshops, tours, youth activities as a district representative
b. Develop and maintain landowner and agency contacts
c. Assist with fair booth and District displays as needed

Secondary Functions
1. Represent the Sherman County SWCD on regional boards and at regional meetings
2. Assist in maintaining the SWCD website and Facebook page
3. Work closely with the local schools and other organizations for conservation and watershed education
4. Manage routine maintenance of District vehicles, oil changes, etc
5. Provide technical and administrative support to Watershed Council
6. Other duties as assigned.

Specific Job Skills
Required Job Skills:
1. Problem-solving skills with diverse groups of people
2. Ability to perform the listed duties both as a team player and independently
3. Advanced written and oral communication skills in English
4. Ability to write successful grant applications
5. Computer proficiency, in particular with Microsoft Office Suite
6. Ability to establish work priorities and manage time effectively
7. Physically able for “on-the-ground” field activities
8. Valid driver’s license

Desired Job Skills:
1. Knowledge of Geographic Information Systems, in particular with ESRI ArcGIS
2. Knowledge of programs and laws pertaining to watershed restoration in Oregon
3. Knowledge of roles of Watershed Councils, SWCDs, and agencies in watershed activities
4. College degree strongly preferred
5. Knowledge of the social, ecological and economic structure of the Columbia Plateau
6. Background or training in agricultural planning, including NRCS planning procedures
7. Position may entail Technician to perform some of the same duties as a Watershed Coordinator (grant writing, grant management)
8. Knowledge of plant identification, including noxious weeds.

Demands / Complexity
The Watershed Technician will assist in all aspects of the day to day events at the SWCD and Watershed Council.
Duties may be carried out in a wide diversity of settings, including the SWCD office, public locations, and field visits to private lands. A district vehicle will usually be available for approved travel.
The Watershed Technician must be able to work independently, in a diverse work environment with minimal supervision, including prioritizing daily work tasks, scheduling field work and meetings. The technician is responsible for documenting their own time for reporting purposes.
This position works with public employees at all levels both within and outside the Soil and Water Conservation Districts, other government agencies, federal, state and local officials and the public.

Supervisory Responsibility
The position is supervised by the SWCD District Manager. It will not have any supervisory roles.

Education / Experience
Knowledge of farming and ranching practices is essential. Education in any natural resources field is beneficial to the position. A Bachelor of Science or Associate of Science degree is desirable, although not required

Working Conditions
The Watershed Technician’s working conditions are office environment 75%; local travel and field work and other travel 25%. However, working conditions vary often depending on workload and season. Office work involves data analysis, plan formulation, report and grant writing, and meeting planning and attendance. Attendance at night meetings may be required. Employee must be willing to work in a variety of job conditions ranging from field work in summer heat and winter cold to office work. Employee can expect interruptions during their tasks at work to answer questions or fulfill various immediate needs/tasks around the office. Occasional overnight travel will be required to represent the SWCD at various seminars and conferences.

Job Description:

Employment Application:


Send cover letter, resume and employment application to Sherman County SWCD, PO Box 405, Moro, Oregon 97039, or email For more information call (541) 705-5070. Position open until filled. Full job description and application instructions can be found at