Job Type: Permanent
Salary Details: $120-150,000
Required Experience: 7+ years

eeking Trainers and Security and Logistics Specialists for Deploying Global Park Defense

Park and Wildlife Protection

Global Conservation is seeking Trainers, Systems Deployment and Security and Logistics specialists for deployment of Global Park Defense in endangered national parks in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

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Training Courses

Training courses for rangers and park officers to refresh and strengthen technical knowledge of SMART Patrolling in order to enhance the effectiveness of patrolling in GC Projects.

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Needs Assessments

  • Design and conduct protection needs assessment among the rangers and officers in the target PAs and prepare a report, summarizing the findings and recommendations.
  • Average Period for Needs Assessment –  1-2 Weeks

SMART Patrol Training

  • Design and conduct training addressing at least the following topics:
  • Technical knowledge and awareness raising of natural resources and wildlife conservation;
  • Techniques and methods of the SMART patrol system;
  • SMART patrol planning;
  • Use of maps, compass and the global positioning system (GPS);
  • Patrols for collecting data on tigers, other wildlife species and their threats;
  • Database development and analysis of patrol data using the Management Information System
  • Program (MIST) and the SMART Program;
  • Techniques for self-defense, making arrests and using weapons.
  • Human rights and security considerations
  • Average Period for Trainings – 1-2 Weeks x 3 times a year

Deploying Global Park Defense

  • Using latest and best fit technologies and systems for Surveillance, Monitoring, Communications and Mapping of Threats and Rapid Response.
  • Average Period for GPD Deployments – 2 Weeks x 3 Times a Year


Proposal Requirements

Please provide for review of proposals:

  • Brief introduction to the Proposer’s organization, its status and its work in Thailand;
  • Brief summary of the Proposer’s previous and ongoing collaboration with DNP-Thailand;
  • Summary of the Proposers’ previous experience in delivering;
  • Description of the methodology/approach to be used in the needs assessment;
  • Detailed description of the proposed training course content;
  • Detailed description of the proposed training methodologies;
  • Brief summary the proposed training venue(s), logistical arrangements and health and safety considerations;
  • List of staff to be involved in the training program and a summary of their relevant qualifications and experience;
  • Proposer’s full contact details, including the name and email address of the focal point for communications related to this project.

Financial Proposal

The following should be included in the financial proposal inclusive of taxes:

– Staff costs;

– Travel costs, accommodation, meals and DSA for training workshop participants;

– Travel costs, accommodation, meals and DSA for Proposer’s staff;

– Other workshop logistical costs (venue hire, etc);

– Production of training materials;

– Honoraria or other professional fees for experts and/or trainers;

– Management overhead (maximum 8%).

Send Proposal to:

Jeff Morgan

Executive Director

Global Conservation