Job Type: Permanent
Salary Details: $5,396 – $8,292
Deadline: Jul 25, 2023

The Interpretation and Education Coordinator leads both passive (signs/interactive features) and active (person-to-person) interpretation at the Tillamook Forest Center (TFC). This position works closely with the TFC Director, TFC Operations Supervisor, and the Recreation, Education, and Interpretation leadership team.

In this position you will guide a team of full-time IE staff in the development and delivery of IE programs to increase public awareness about the Agency’s broader mission, the various laws and policies that govern the Agency’s work, particularly those that apply to the State Forest division. Interpretation and Education topics include: Agency-wide natural resource management issues (e.g.: history of catastrophic wildfires on State Forests), forest ecology, and active forest management.

More broadly, this position serves as the State Forests subject matter expert on

  • Interpretation and environmental education.
  • Working with an interdisciplinary team (e.g.: wildlife biologists, riparian specialists, roads specialists, marketing foresters) to ensure interpretive and educational opportunities are considered within the larger planning arena associated with current and future forest management.
  • Provides consultative feedback and technical guidance to supervisors, peers, and subordinates about relevant IE subjects to ensure State Forest policy work (i.e: Habitat Conservation Plan, new Forest Management Plan) considers the broad set of social, economic, and environmental values embodied in the Greatest Permanent Value mandate which guides all State Forest work.


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