Salary: $45,000-$60,000/year DOE
Closing Date: May 19, 2023, 4:00pm

This position requires a solid background in natural resources management and a technical degree in a compatible field of study from an accredited institution in agriculture, agronomy, natural resource management, environmental science, or a closely related field. Also required is demonstrated experience and understanding of local agricultural practices, interpreting county codes, working with the public on natural resources or agricultural issues and addressing resource management problems. Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Certification in basic farm planning or certified nutrient management planning is preferred.

The position of Farm/Natural Resources Planner is to assist landowners and small farm operators within the Skagit Conservation District in planning and applying resource conservation practices. Funding for this position is subject to availability of state and local government grants and contracts. The person hired for this position is directly responsible to the district manager and works under the technical supervision of the Senior planner.

The primary responsibility for this position is to prepare and/or revise existing conservation plans for landowners within the SCD. The measurement of success is completed farm plans and conservation practices applied in the field that may improve water quality, wildlife habitat, increase farm productivity, and improve climate resiliency, as well as meet all necessary requirements for standards and specifications, and meet the landowner’s goals. Assisting in engineering surveys and design work, including construction inspections of engineering practices, may be included. The incumbent gathers and assembles data for planning systems, independently schedules application and follow-up, coordinates with partner agencies, revises existing farm plans, and carries out the routine activities of the conservation planning and application phase. This person shall become knowledgeable of the funding contract(s) work tasks and perform them as required by the Conservation Commission funding guidelines. Duties include, but are not limited to the following:

Administrations / Management:

  • Submit monthly fiscal forms, records and vouchers
  • Communicate with livestock associations, realtors, Municipal/Count/State/Federal government and tribal representatives, vendors, veterinarians, and others who may be interested in promoting conservation district
  • Provide other agencies (local/state/federal) information on these
  • Attend regular conservation district board meetings and other local, area and state meetings as Attend training sessions and workshops related to skills development.
  • Serve as an incidental motor vehicle A valid WA State driver’s license is required.
  • Assist with the annual district plant

Technical Assistance Program:

  • Respond to voluntary land manager requests for Connect cooperators with resources and conduct site visits as requested.
  • Develop resource management plans with an emphasis on water quality improvement and meet the planning criteria for Goals: 1 plan per month
  • Assist private land managers in implementation of Conservation Plans and Provide on the ground consultation and technical assistance to implement best management practices as outlined in conservation plans. Goals: complete 1 BMP per month.
  • Assist in access to and implementation of cost share programs and grant
  • Provide information and education programs to implement agricultural and habitat Best Management Practices to improve stewardship and protect water
  • Use basic surveying equipment, computing and plotting engineering notes, prepare field sketches and drawings, create, modify or adjust standard NRCS designs; prepare permit applications and secure funding where CAD and ArcGIS skills preferred.
  • Conduct field investigations and surveys and assemble data needed in the development of conservation practices for structural and non-structural solutions to problems with water quality, erosion, drainage, wildlife habitat, irrigation and natural resource concerns as identified.
  • Assist professional engineers in preparing preliminary designs, final designs, construction drawings, and construction specifications for complex Assist with lay out work for construction, inspect work under construction, and provide necessary interpretations of the drawings and specifications needed to determine conformance with design and adherence to plans and specifications.
  • Other duties as assigned

Project Management and Coordination:

  • Assure that resource management and nutrient management plans are meeting the USDA – NRCS
  • Collaborate, as part of the Planning Team, to review and improve each other’s plans, cost-share applications, and technical assistance
  • Provide on the ground technical assistance to private
  • Provide reference materials available to agricultural
  • Advise landowners on cost/share programs as an incentive to implementation Best Management Practices (BMP’s)
  • Assist in preparing grant applications for new and on-going district
  • Manage cost-share programs including landowner agreements, management of funds, reimbursements, and following of existing cost-share
  • Enter the required project and landowner data in the CPDS Conservation Commission database and prepare reports on activities, including progress toward project goals as directed by the district
  • Attend public meetings to discuss the District

Information and Education Activities:

  • Host at least 2 farm tours annually to showcase good stewardship or BMP
  • Coordinate with Skagit CD Outreach and Education staff to table at fairs, festivals, and outreach events to connect landowners with the district’s
  • Participate in education and outreach events to market the program and signups for site
  • Coordinate with other conservation districts and partner agencies to develop workshops and programing regarding new science or technology, cultural practices, or funding
  • Assist in developing educational materials for land users and
  • Speak/teach at public presentations
  • Workshops/Field Trips
  • Articles in Newsletters, newspapers and on social media

Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities
This position requires a solid background in agricultural operations, livestock husbandry and natural resource management. It is also strongly desired that applicants have at least one year of experience writing farm plans that meet NRCS standards and specifications, and a technical degree in a compatible field of study.

This position requires the following skills:

  1. Excellent customer service, great communication skills, takes initiative, self-motivated, and team Ability to develop strong relationships with clients and coworkers built on trust and the ability to exceed expectations.
  2. Knowledge of a broad range of soil and water conservation principles, techniques, methods and practices to apply and install conservation systems which involve complex and diverse agricultural and other land
  3. Knowledge of a broad range of livestock types and livestock management in relation to small acreages as well as larger
  4. Knowledge of agronomic principles and manure management techniques related to livestock
  5. Knowledge of ecosystem processes that may impact a landowner and ability to include the appropriate management practices in a farm
  6. Knowledge of engineering policies and standards of the agency to investigate, plan, and design structures that are compatible with the NRCS Technical
  7. Ability to motivate individuals to adopt and implement resource management practices on their This may include presenting to public groups, students, organizations, or clubs.
  8. Knowledge of NRCS conservation planning principles
  9. Knowledge on developing soil, water, and resource conservation plans involving complex soil patterns and
  10. Knowledge and skills in computer use, database creation and maintenance, drafting, scheduling, GIS, Microsoft Office, CAD, and other uses as
  11. Ability to safely operate a motor
  12. Ability to work in the field on various terrain and under various
  13. Ability to work alone or closely with others in a public office
  14. Ability to organize and plan own schedule of activities related to work goals set by the district manager and Board
  15. Ability to maintain accurate records regarding time-keeping and authorized

Training and Evaluation
Performance standards will be developed as needed to assist in evaluating work abilities and work products. The person in this position will be evaluated in accordance with the State Conservation Commission Guidelines. These guidelines include a six-month assessment period and thereafter, at a minimum, evaluations annually.

Performance evaluations are designed to aid communications between supervisors and employees, clarify duties and responsibilities. They are intended to assist in the personal development of employees and to strengthen their performance through the development of an employee-training plan. Evaluations will be used to substantiate recommendations for promotions, salary increases, and dismissals. Training needs will be developed as a result of performance evaluations described above.

To apply for this position
The Applicant should submit a resume, letter of interest outlining job skills and qualifications, AND a completed application form for this position via email to or a hard copy can be mailed to:

Skagit Conservation District Attention: Emmett Wild
2021 E. College Way, Suite 203 Mount Vernon, WA 98273-2373

Applications must be received at the Skagit Conservation District (SCD) office on or before 4:00 pm, May 15, 2023. Applicants may be subject to a background check.
For more information contact Emmett Wild at 360-899-8761.
Other contact information:, phone: 360-428-4313

For more information and to apply: