Job Summary

Attend monthly committee meetings located in Oakville, WA or online, and take meeting minutes. Record meeting and type up detailed minutes afterwards. Approximately 6 hours per month.


Salmon in the Chehalis Basin have a strong cultural and economic significance to the people who reside here. These fish were once abundant, but are now seriously degraded from historic levels. In order to slow and reverse the decline of the salmon populations, the Pacific Salmon Recovery Fund and the Lead Entity process were initiated for Washington State’s rivers. The Chehalis Basin Lead Entity consists of experts from state, local, and tribal governments, as well as the Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group, Conservation Districts, land trusts, and interested local citizens. Our mission is to identify and then collaboratively evaluate voluntary restoration and protection actions that create healthy habitat for salmonids.

Position Details
• Person must be available the morning of first Monday of every month
• Position can be done remotely as long as our meetings are still held remotely. We will try to do meetings in person at the Chehalis Tribe Community Center (Oakville) at least every other month as safety requirements allow. It will be necessary for the person to be in-person at these meetings to most effectively capture the conversation.
• Must have own car and able to provide proof of car insurance.
• Travel will be reimbursed at the state approved mileage rate.
• Must have own laptop and cell phone that can be used for the job.
• Reimbursement at $16/hour with approximately 6 hour time commitment needed per month.
• Contract will be through Grays Harbor County
• Skills needed are writing, listening, comprehension, and word processing (Microsoft Word)
• Person with an interest in fish and wildlife, conservation, or related field would be a good fit
• Position provides exposure to natural resources careers and good professional connections

More information can be found on our website:
Interested parties should send a Cover Letter explaining interest in the position, as well as a Resume to:
Kirsten Harma
Watershed Coordinator
Chehalis Basin Lead Entity
(360) 488-3232