Job Type: Permanent
Salary Details: $74,137-79,079
Deadline: Apr 28, 2023

This position is located at the Fish Passage Center (FPC), an entity established by the Fish and Wildlife Program of the Northwest Power Planning Council (NPPC), with funding provided by the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), and administered by the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC). The FPC is responsible for providing technical staff support to the agencies and tribal resource managers in analyzing the impacts of the development and operation of the hydroelectric system on juvenile and adult salmon and steelhead of the Columbia River Basin. These analyses include a broad scope of natural resource data.


  • Responsible for the basin-wide coordination of the state and federal agencies’ adult fish facilities inspection program, and the development of the annual report for that program. Responsible for reporting adult fish passage issues and problems to the FPCM
  • Advises the Fish Passage Center Manager (FPCM) regarding hydroelectric project and reservoir operations, water quality, energy marketing, irrigation and agriculture, navigation, and other natural resource data, as it applies to fish passage and migration needs, and particularly as it pertains to water quality, water temperature, water velocity, and spill.
  • Primarily responsible for the analyses of natural resource data related to hydro system operations, and water temperature as it relates to, adult and juvenile fish passage through the Columbia Basin.
  • Responsible for the analysis of hydro system operations and irrigation operations and navigation operations on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis, and provision of summaries to the agencies and tribes. Responsible for maintaining current knowledge of river flow and run-off volume forecasts and synthesizing the data from each of these sources into reports to the agencies and tribes, addressing the potential impact on juvenile and adult fish passage.
  • Responsible for documenting data requests, discussing requests with the FPCM, and documenting responses.
  • Responsible for writing the stream flow, and reservoir operations sections of the FPC weekly and annual reports. This includes the presentation of data in graphic and other formats as requested by the FPCM.
  • Responsible for conducting statistical analysis of real-time as well as historical data regarding stream flow, water quality, water temperature, reservoir operations, flood control, navigation, and irrigation. This includes the development of new theoretical or analytical approaches.
  • Conducts critical reviews of proposed or anticipation river system operations alternatives, particularly as they apply to environmental variables which may affect upstream and downstream fish passage.

The incumbent may travel to various locations to present and discuss fish passage operations data and analysis. The incumbent travels to conduct fishway inspections throughout the Columbia River Basin as assigned.

Additional Mandatory/Desirable Knowledge and Skills:

  • A Master’s Degree in Biological, Physical, Natural Resource, or Environmental Science. At least one year of working experience in a professional capacity in natural resource analyses. A combination of education and experience may be presented.
  • This position requires knowledge of the fundamentals of programming logic. This position requires knowledge of the fundamentals of programming logic and the ability to develop and use SQL queries to obtain data from an MS SQL server database and use Microsoft Excel.
    The position requires the ability to utilize Microsoft Office and Outlook. Knowledge and ability to utilize computer hardware and software for data analysis are required to carry out projects and assignments. Knowledge of commercial and custom software packages is necessary.
  • This position requires a good working knowledge of statistics and experimental design, a wide range of analytical and diagnostic methods, and the ability to analyze multi-purpose hydro system operations data.
  • This position requires good communication skills (oral and written), and the ability to maintain good working relations with co-workers.
  • Professional knowledge of multi-purpose reservoir river system operations and experience in analyses of hydroelectric and storage reservoir data is required, as well as knowledge and experience in study design and statistical analysis techniques.

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