Job Type: Temporary
Salary Details: $21 – 30 / hour

Performs a variety of technical and administrative duties related to providing services to abate
noxious weeds or undesirable plants through the use of specialized chemicals. Educates the
public about weeds and control options.


  • Operates a variety of light duty spray and vegetation control equipment to spray
    noxious weeds on county roads and state highway right of ways; sprays weeds on private lands;
    utilizes all types of weed control including chemical, cultural and mechanical.
  • Maintains and repair equipment; maintains equipment in good operating condition, and performs
    regular safety and maintenance inspection of equipment
  • Public Relations and Inspections: Informs public about noxious weed control practices and
  • Assists with coordinating spray activities with County departments and external
    agencies, including other jurisdictions
  • Assists in inspections of properties in order to control noxious weeds and ensure compliance
    with State regulations;


  • Collects maps and analyzes and maintains data on noxious weed infestations
    using Global Positioning Systems (GPS); works with public land agencies on cooperative weed
    control projects; assists in preparing reports of weed infestations as identified through
  • Assists in enforcement proceedings against property owners to insure compliance with RCW
    and County Code.

Maintains herbicide application reports and records on supplies being used. Refers to Pesticide
Labels and Material Safety Data Sheets to ensure compliance with all safety requirements and
regulations with respect to the use of pesticides.

1. Education and Experience:

A. Graduation from high school;
B. One (1) year of experience directly related to above duties;
C. An equivalent combination of education and experience

2. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Some knowledge of noxious and native weed species; mixing and applying herbicides in
accordance with specifications, rules and regulations; operate and maintain herbicide
application equipment; keep comprehensive records of work performed within herbicide
application areas; the functions, characteristics, and proper use and care of spray rigs
for chemical spray application; proper use of tools and materials used in chemical spray
applications. Knowledge of characteristics, modes of action, and proper handling of post-
and pre-emergent, restricted, and general use herbicides.

Skills in the collection and organizing of data and maintaining records.
Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing, apply chemicals to noxious
weeds; follow directions and understand proper safety equipment; identify State noxious
weeds; enter weed data into the EDDmapS and edit points; learn how to collect and
release bio control agents; clean and repair spray equipment.

3. Special Qualifications:
Must be able to pass a background investigation. Must possess a current Utah drivers
license. Must pass a pre-employment drug screening. Certification in pesticide
application must be obtained within thirty (30) days of hire. Prefer a valid Utah pesticide
Applicators License.

4. Work Environment:
Worker in the position performs in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments including
working in extreme weather conditions. Tasks require variety of physical activities, not
generally involving muscular strain. Periodic walking, standing, stooping, sitting,
reaching, required in normal course of performing essential duties. Talking, hearing, and
seeing valuable to effective performance of the job. Common eye, hand, finger dexterity
required for most essential functions. Must be able to bend, reach, push, pull, squat,
climb, grasp and lift 50 pounds to waist level and carry 40 pounds on back. Potentially
stressful, busy and fast-paced work with extensive public contact. Mental application
utilizes memory for details, verbal instructions, emotional stability, discriminating thinking
and creative problem solving. Excessive travel in automobile required in job

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