Duration: Fulltime, permanent position dependent on funding/work availability.
Duty location: Carson or Trout Lake, WA

Salary and benefits: This is a fulltime position based off of a 40hour work week with an hourly
wage of $20.65 to $26.31/hour depending on experience. MARS offers health care benefits and
a simple IRA retirement plan after 6 months of continuous employment.

Closing date: OPEN UNTIL FILLED with a desire for applicant to begin work by midJune

Mt. Adams Resource Stewards (MARS), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2004, is
seeking an exceptionally motivated and technically skilled foresters/forestry technicians to work
closely with the US Forest Service in expanding a growing partnership on the Gifford Pinchot
National Forest (GPNF). The successful candidate(s) will work with MARS and GPNF staff to
expand field capacity in support of the US Forest Service’s stewardship and timber sale
program by assisting with presale/sale preparation, sale administration, siliviculture and stand
exam tasks primarily on national forest system lands. The position(s) requires a reasonable
level of experience with field forestry skills necessary to support federal stewardship/timber
programs. The successful candidate will be attracted to the unique collaborative effort between
a communitybased forestry organization and a federal agency.

Strong field forestry skills are required as specific tasks are likely to include:
Presale Program related

Perform timber and stewardship sale boundary layout, considering environmental
assessment design criteria, logging systems/operability, economic viability, stand
conditions and objectives, etc. Utilize Forest Service marking guides to implement site
specific silvicultural prescriptions. May utilize Forest Service “DxP” and “DxD”
prescriptive methods as well as more conventional leave and cuttree marking. Will
identify areas of no treatment (skips, nocut buffers, etc) and heavier treatment (heavy
thins, gaps, etc).

Identify logging system breaks and be able to accurately map them for appraisal

Field verify and identify temporary road locations to facilitate harvest unit operations.

Cruise timber using Forest Service and Region 6 specific cruising methods and

GPS traversing of timber and stewardship sale boundaries.

Painting and tagging timber and stewardship sale boundaries.

Utilize Esri software (ArcMap, ArcPro, etc) to make work maps as necessary.

Utilize tablets and resource grade GPS hardware and software.

Sale Administration related
Assist Forest Service Timber Sale Administrators with compliance on timber and
stewardship sales: recommending skid trail and skyline corridors for approval, tallying
additional volume, assisting with inspections on stewardship service items, etc.

Stand Exam related
Install stand exam plots across a wide range of vegetation types; collecting stand and
site data (species, stocking, diameters, heights, plant assoc, etc) to be used in future
environmental analysis.

The position will also require supervisory responsibilities of at least one other technician, as well
as representing MARS in project specific communications on a regular basis. Outside of the
field season the successful candidate will continue support to the Gifford Pinchot N.F. or Mt.
Adams Resource Stewards on additional/special projects that serve to advance USFS needs or
Mt. Adams Resource Stewards’ efforts that focus on communitybased natural resource
management strategies to advance our mission of sustainable connections between the land
and local communities across one of the more spectacular landscapes in the Pacific Northwest.
More can be learned about MARS at

Desired Qualifications

Practical and successful experience as a field forester/forestry technician that
demonstrates knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to perform tasks described

Familiarity with public lands management, especially US Forest Service stewardship and
timber sale programs;

Excellent work ethic in support of meeting program tasks and deliverables;

Strong communication skills, including writing abilities, that can support constructive and
positive collaborations with project partners and other staff;

Willingness to endure potentially strenuous work in the field under adverse weather

Two or fouryear college degree in relevant field such as forestry, natural resource
management, etc.

To Apply
Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume and three references to:

Jay McLaughlin

Executive Director/Mt. Adams Resource Stewards

PO Box 152

Glenwood, WA 98619
jay@mtadamsstewards.org (509)6373701

For more information: https://mtadamsstewards.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/Forester-Tech-2023-PD.pdf