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Salary- $14.00 – $16.88 hourly

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Travels to remote field sites to collect, prepare, process, and/or record biological field data, samples, specimens, solutions, materials and/or media for testing and/or analysis, as appropriate to the specific objectives of the research study.
  2. Handles, processes, and records field data, samples, and/or specimens in accordance with detailed, pre-established protocol, procedures, and standards.
  3. Enters data into appropriate databases and performs routine, basic manipulation, reduction, analysis and interpretation of data, using specified statistical and/or scientific computer programs.
  4. Sets up, calibrates, operates, and maintains a variety of laboratory and/or field research equipment as specified by the requirements of the research study.
  5. Monitors and maintains inventories of equipment and supplies for day-to-day study purposes as required, within budget parameters.
  6. Practices safety, environmental, and/or infection control methods.
  7. Prepares voucher specimens and assists in cataloging and other research collections activities, as appropriate, dependent upon the overall objectives of the study.
  8. May lead, guide, and train staff/student employees, interns, and/or volunteers performing related work; may participate in the recruitment of volunteers, as appropriate to the area of operation.
  9. May participate in and/or contribute to the publication and/or presentation of results, and the development of grant proposals.
  10. Maintains a broad knowledge of state-of-the-art research techniques, technology, equipment, and/or systems.
  11. Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • Vocational-Technical Training directly related Life Sciences field; at least 1 year of experience directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified.
  • Completed degree(s) from an accredited institution that are above the minimum education requirement may be substituted for experience on a year for year basis.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  • Knowledge of supplies, equipment, and/or services ordering and inventory control.
  • Ability to maintain quality, safety, and/or infection control standards.
  • Ability to collect, prepare, and process biological data in accordance with prescribed protocol and procedures.
  • Knowledge of safety procedures and standards for the handling and processing of hazardous biological specimens and/or materials.
  • Records maintenance skills.
  • Ability to understand and follow specific instructions and procedures.
  • Knowledge of related accreditation and certification requirements.
  • Ability to utilize computerized statistical and/or scientific database and analysis applications to manage research data.
  • Ability to set up, calibrate, operate, and maintain specified laboratory and/or field equipment and facilities.
  • Skill in collecting, analyzing, verifying, and manipulating research data.
  • Knowledge of field research and data collection principles, methods, and techniques.