Job Type: Permanent
Salary Details: $22.00
Deadline: Sep 18, 2023

Data Management Specialists (Natural Sciences) use a background in the natural sciences as they assist in the population, maintenance, enhancement and distribution of databases. They locate, obtain, standardize, enter, verify, and correct various data sets related to project goals and work plans.

Position/Project Specifics:

This particular position will be involved in the review, interpretation and data entry of information captured by video cameras installed on commercial fishing vessels including trip and haul start and end times, and catch species identification, quantification, and fate on vessels fishing midwater trawl, bottom trawl, and pot gear in California, Oregon, and Washington. The successful candidate will have a working knowledge of at-sea commercial fishery practices, experience as an at-sea fisheries observer on the West Coast, skill at visually identifying fish by species, attention to detail, and good organizational skills. The position is computer intensive and involves long periods of sitting and reviewing fishing videos.

Essential Functions: (The functions listed below are characteristic of the type and level of work associated with this group and pay band. They are not all-inclusive. Individual positions may perform some or all, as well as other similar work.)

At the lower end of the range, employees:

  • Compile natural resources data from pre-existing data sources.
  • Assist biologists with simple analysis and interpretation of data.
  • Keep records on methods and parameters of data collection.
  • Present information in common graphical formats.

At the upper end of the range, employees:

  • Compile project data into standardized electronic data formats. This includes accessing filed information and verifying its accuracy and completeness, performing data entry, electronic data transfer, editing, and error checking.
  • Extract relevant data and present it in a variety of text and numeric formats, reports, tables, graphics, or figures.

Knowledge Required by the Position:

The employee must have knowledge of:

  • Natural sciences
  • At-sea fisheries observer experience on the West Coast
  • Familiarity with visual groundfish species identification with preference for West Coast species
  • Personal computers and software packages and applications for databases, spreadsheets, and word processing
  • Computing experience, including good data entry skills sufficient to: input data; structure information retrievals; edit, combine and manipulate data; and/or provide reports for users. This knowledge allows the employee to assess or interpret the significance of the results and relate that to the overall objective of the assignment.

Additional Desirable Knowledge and Skills:

  • Video Review Experience
  • Knowledge of Quality Assurance principles
  • Strong Organizational Skills
  • Data Management concepts, principles and methods

Physical Demands:

The work is generally sedentary, although there may be some nominal walking or standing for short periods of time, or carrying of light loads of papers, books, reports, etc., that require only moderate physical ability and physical stress. Significant amounts of time may be spent on the phone.

Work Environment:

The works area is adequately lighted, heated, and ventilated. The work involves the common risks or discomforts typical of office, meeting rooms, libraries, and the like.

Minimum Qualification Requirements:

A range of experience and education may be presented. At the lower end of the range, candidates must present one year of Specialized Experience** OR four years of successfully completed education above high school leading to a bachelor’s degree in the natural sciences (biology, fishery biology, environmental science, aquatic science, geology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, statistics), or any other field that provides the same knowledge. An equivalent combination of experience and education is also qualifying.

At the upper end of the range, candidates must present one year of Specialized Experience** OR one year of graduate education that is directly related to the work of the position. An equivalent combination of experience and education is also qualifying.


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