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Salary– $16.46 – $21.27 Hourly

Our Scientific Technician 2,

Perform on-board fish sampling and data collection.

  • Interact professionally with commercial fishing crews and captains.
  • Use paper and/or electronic sampling to accurately record data on catch, by-catch, and vessel effort data.
  • Collect biological samples including but not limited to tissue for GSI/DNA analysis, scales, sex/lengths, otoliths, and possible bird carcasses.
  • Observe and record seabird and marine mammal interaction/encounters with fishing gear.
  • Review and summarize data for mid-day and end of day reporting.
  • Maintain organized and legible records of data collected and observations made each day as well as all biological samples while on-board.
  • Participate in the Apple Cove test fishery – work with Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission and tribal staff members to collect biological and catch composition data during the test fishery.

Other duties as assigned.

  • Participate as Research Vessel deck crew – handling lines, assisting in vessel maintenance, loading gear, assisting in launch/retrieval, and following vessel operators’ instructions.
  • Work with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access) to assist in data archiving of previous years sampling efforts. Data entry and Quality Assessment/Quality Control (QA/QC) of datasheets, assisting with office work.


Work Setting, including hazards: 

  • Sampling on a working commercial fishing vessel, transferring safely from one boat to a fishing vessel while vessels are underway, exposure to rough seas and inclement weather conditions with rain/wind. Long hours require the observers to remain alert and adaptable to changing schedules.
  • Some of the research boats do not have heat; therefore, appropriate layers of warm clothing will be needed during colder months. Warmer months may require sunscreen, a hat, and plenty of water. Some of the research boats do not have bathroom facilities, but a marine grade portable toilet will be available, or it is possible to dock and use shoreside facilities.


  • Intermittent, 7 days a week, 12 plus hours per day, plus travel hours.
  • The work week is Sunday – Saturday, hours worked over 40 will be considered overtime which is either paid or earned as compensatory time by mutual agreement.

Travel Requirements:

  • Observers will be required to travel to and from their duty station to the location of the research boat using their personal vehicle.
  • Often, traveling occurs in the early morning and later night – overnight stays are expected when sampling the fishing fleet in certain areas.
  • Mileage from duty station to the vessels along with hotel stays are reimbursable. Per diem rates are given during the day.

Tools and Equipment: 

  • iPads, thumb counters, Coded Wire Tag CWT wands, forceps, isopropyl alcohol, generic office equipment, Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs), genetic supplies, and other safety equipment.

Customer Interactions:

  • Interact with commercial fisherman including vessel captains and crews.


  • Graduation from high school or GED, including one year of high school science AND Two (2) years of experience as a Scientific Technician 1.


  • Graduation from high school or GED including one year of high school science AND Two (2) years of laboratory or field experience as an assistant to a biologist, chemist, or zoologist.