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Salary– $5,013.00 – $6,575.00 Monthly


Our Marketing Specialist,

  • Conducts license sales data analysis, identifies trends, and product gaps in support of new product development or service enhancements development that improve customer satisfaction and sales potential.
  • Supports Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system (TBD), creates and generates reports, supports improvements to its functionality.
  • Works across Programs and natural resource agencies to develop and advise on market segmentation surveys.  
  • Research new product concepts through market tests, customer surveys, dealer surveys, focus groups, and data mining. 
  • Conducts research, analysis, and evaluation and prepares projects, reports, and summaries, including narrative, statistics, tables, graphs, and infographics.
  • Prepares grant proposals and associated agency reports.
  • Presents technical business information to other agencies, governments, NGOs, and/or private entities and stakeholders.
  • Develops and implements planning, setting goals and objectives for each marketing campaign.
  • Conducts A/B testing of various marketing communications, social media content, and other communications to improve ROI across these efforts.
  • Analyzes results of marketing campaigns against control groups, expected sales volume and profit.
  • Writes and edits publications, reports, pamphlets, or newsletters for internal and external distribution.
  • Prepares and delivers professional presentations to retailers, civic, and community organizations using sophisticated sales and marketing data.
  • Explores and implements marketing industry best-practices for the team, prepares demos, runs test campaigns, and advises on new strategies, tactics, and approaches.
  • Increases productivity and continuously improves methods, new tools and software solutions, approaches, and departmental contribution.
  • Sets goals and objectives, develops strategies to implement, and develops performance measurements and standards for the purpose of ensuring individual and program performance objectives are met.
  • Participates in team meetings, communicates status of ongoing projects and/or job tasks, and coordinates work schedule with team for the purpose of maintaining open communication. 
  • Plans and maintains work systems, procedures, and policies that enable and encourage the optimum performance.


Work Setting, including hazards:

  • Working environment is a busy office setting.
  • Varying degrees of activity occur in the common areas during working hours; most tasks will involve working at a desk and working on a computer.
  • Incumbent must be able to work amid distraction.


  • Duties are performed in an office setting and remotely from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.
  • Due to Covid-19, remote work is acceptable up to 80% of the time as appropriate for duties/priorities.

Travel Requirements:

  • Travel may be required to attend tradeshows, fair events, or visit WDFW Authorized Dealers and travel may be up to 10%.
  • Overnight travel may occur.

Tools and Equipment:

Laptop, desktop, Microsoft Office, multiple monitors, portable projectors, multi-line phones, fax/scanner printers, touch screen devices, point-of-sale (POS) machines, graphic design, and video editing software.

Customer Interactions:

Regularly interact with the general public, dealers, vendors, Washington state employees and contractors.


Closely related qualifying experience may be substituted for the required education on a year-by-year basis.

  • A bachelor’s degree.


  • Three (3) years’ demonstrated experience in conducting market research, data analysis, marketing campaign development and implementation, advertising & graphic design coordination, and process improvements.


  • Valid driver’s license.

Experience in:

  • Developing marketing campaigns and launch strategies that achieved revenue objectives.
  • Versed in social media marketing/advertising best-practices across key platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.


  • Expert knowledge and ability in the use of:
    • CRM software and processes.
    • Spreadsheets, graphic presentations, Adobe Creative Suite, word processing, sales funnel automation tools.
    • Internet product representation.
    • Search engine mechanics; statistical analysis, forecasting, demographic analysis, marketing, promotions, and sales principles and techniques.
    • In-store product placement, basic inventory, and financial records.
    • Industry-appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs). 
  • Skilled in the use of financial and statistical analysis, data presentation, and conclusions.
  • Experience in video editing and storytelling.
  • Experience working in the outdoor industry and/or natural resources.