State of the Salmon Report Position

One of our MES current students is currently working with Scott Boettcher at SBGH-Partners to support the 2022 State of the Salmon Report (WA State Governor’s Salmon Recovery Office). Here is the 2020 report ( They are hiring an additional student to help support this work!

The extra support will work with the current MES student to:
(1) complete a statewide analysis of water flow (low-flow, high-flow, temperature), freezing level, and snowfall level trends
(2) develop infographic concepts showing relationships and intersections of the analysis.  
They are looking for about 10 hours a week of work commitment between now and the end of the year.  The position will work with the student and Scott and will be paid ($20/hour). The current MES student has been working on the information acquisition and analysis methodology and now they just need extra help. The position will also help in developing thought-provoking infographics to spotlight important, data-driven relationships between climate change, water, and salmon. This is a “real-world” paid project and students can also get academic credit for the project if they want. Please contact Scott (Scott Boettcher, 360-480-6600, if interested.