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Salary52 Weeks ($580.00/week =$30160.00)

Project Description: This position would support the Pacific West Region Inventory and Monitoring (I&M) Program in technical writing and science communication projects. Ecologists, biologists, and physical scientists in I&M need assistance in updating science planning documents and communicating results to improve interdisciplinary staff understanding of ecological monitoring. The individual in this position would have the opportunity to interact with a variety of specialists to integrate revisions to science protocols and finalize documents for publication. This is an opportunity to practice and develop technical writing skills and translate a foundation in science to composition of documents that are key to the direct practice and planning of ecological field studies. Complementing this work, this position will assist scientists in projects to translate scientific results and study designs into web and other digital content suitable for broad, interdisciplinary audiences. This is an opportunity to work on composition of articles for NPS web pages, briefing statements (including graphics and layout as well as writing), story maps, and
infographics. The position will support multiple I&M networks but will be stationed at and supported primarily by the Klamath Inventory and Monitoring Network in Ashland, Oregon.