Sustainability in Prisons Project (SPP)

Programs Coordinator

Position Title: Program Coordinator

Employer: The Evergreen State College

Hours: 20 hrs. /wk., regular business hours; occasionally more hours requested

Duration: September 2022 to September 2023; One-year extension dependent upon funding.

Location:   Remote Access to Campus as Required and Sustainability in Prisons Project offices (Seminar 2 E2116-2121 and 2128)

Pay: $17.50/hour; additional funding may be available for thesis work on a SPP topic

Supervisor: Emily Passarelli, SPP Education & Outreach Manager

To apply: Send cover letter, resume, and three references to Emily Passarelli

Closing Date: Tuesday October 4th, 2022 by 5 PM



The Sustainability in Prisons Project is a partnership founded by the Evergreen State College (Evergreen) and the Washington Department of Corrections (WA Corrections). Program coordinators work collaboratively with all program partners, to advance SPP’s mission and vision:


Mission: We empower sustainable change by bringing nature, science, and environmental education into prisons.


Vision: In response to the dual crises of ecological degradation and mass incarceration, we aim to reduce recidivism while improving human well-being and ecosystem health. SPP brings together incarcerated individuals, scientists, corrections staff, students, and program partners to promote education, conserve biodiversity, practice sustainability, and help build healthy communities. Together, we reduce the environmental, economic, and human costs of prisons.



  • Currently enrolled in an Evergreen graduate program
  • Available to work 20 hours a week, mainly during office hours Monday-Friday (some hours may be flexible)
  • Willingness to work occasionally on weekends as needed
  • Subject-matter and technical expertise are desirable, but can be taught on the job and are not required
  • Excellent social and communication skills are essential.
  • Willingness and ability to recruit and guide guest experts
  • Current driver’s license and available and reliable vehicle for trips to prisons in western Washington (mileage will be reimbursed)
  • Willingness and ability to work safely in a correctional setting and to communicate and collaborate with Corrections staff and supervisors to address concerns and respond to requests; employment contingent on successful Correction’s security clearance (so program access is possible!)
  • Willingness and ability to follow directions, collaborate on projects, and give and hear feedback

This position will include in-prison site visits, as it is safe to do so. The Coordinator must be willing to follow all COVID protocols created by SPP and WA Corrections 


This position coordinates communication and pedagogical coherence among all programs provided by SPP. Duties include facilitation of coordinator meetings to promote staff inclusion and professional growth, working with managers to identify shifting needs in SPP staffing, and provide support to program coordinators during heavy work periods. The position will implement systems to track educational portfolios and incarcerated student progress; as well as, evaluate SPP educational offerings as a member of the education team.  As a member of the SPP-Evergreen team, the position contributes to team building and advancing SPP as a whole.


Position duties will evolve as SPP partnerships evolve. Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, this has been especially true! The description outlined below reflects the anticipated focus of this position. As a member of the SPP partnership, the person in this position will have influence on various program priorities.


The primary responsibility of all SPP program coordinators is to maintain thriving programs, while cultivating positive relationships with all program partners. This position requires adaptability, persistence, and dedication to effective communication. New hires will be responsible for learning subject-matter expertise and supported by on-the-job with early and ongoing training. 


Program Coordination, General

  • Assist other SPP program coordinators as needed particularly during heavy work periods.
  • Assist program coordinators in administrative protocols involving budget accounting, WADOC clearances, safety, and educational tracking
  • Track and report on program activities, ensure team access to program files, and update program protocols to represent current best practices
  • Coordinate among SPP coordinators to solicit input, develop agendas, and facilitate meetings
  • Develop and update educational tracking mechanisms
  • Administrative tasks such as: print and copy materials, order supplies, and schedule meetings
  • As resources allow, direct the work of volunteers and undergraduate interns who provide general program and research suppo
  • Other duties as assigned.


Education Development

  • Assist in the completion of educational content through draft review and detailed editorial assistance
  • Development of new educational content and learning activities
  • Improved course tracking systems for student progress and achievement
  • Development of practicum components
  • Updating course certification
  • Editing, formatting, and preparing content for printing
  • Developing remote education best practices, protocols, and procedures to include how to:
  • Develop new resources
  • options and methods for effectively distributing educational materials (e.g., print, video,)
  • receive student response, requests, and input
  • Developing new and identifying existing remote education materials to distribute to workshop and other SPP program students.
  • Identifying books and other education resources SPP may provide for programs and prison libraries.


Program Enhancement

  • Seek out and cultivate relationships with individuals and organizations providing reentry services and oversight.
  • Coordinate tracking mechanisms for incarcerated student/technician hiring, educational, and vocational training
  • For incarcerated individuals interested in attending the Evergreen State College, connect them with the Education Navigator at Evergreen or at the facility.
  • As resources allow, seek out, curate, and make accessible to in-prison users:
    • Periodicals (subscriptions)
    • Electronic files
    • Books
    • Policy related to SPP’s mission, humane prison reform, reentry, and post-release employment and education.


Reporting and Accountability  

  • Update supervisor in weekly meetings, actively participate in SPP-Evergreen staff meetings every two weeks and maintain good communication through regular updates with team members at each site.
  • Create and collaborate on outreach and dissemination mat
  • Identify and act on relevant opportunities for inter-program support and enhancem
  • As resources allow and as interested, present on SPP to varied audiences in multiple venue
  • Update tasks lists and keep current in a format agreeable to coordinator and superviso
  • Provide reports detailing accomplishments and progress as required by funding sou
  • Respond to SPP staff requests for review, research, and co-authorin
  • Support SPP administrative functions on campus as needed.
  • Maintain a safe work environment: complete required WA Corrections and SPP-Evergreen training, follow policies, and report any issues or challenges immediately. 



  • Work in a collaborative, engaged community of incarcerated people, corrections professionals, scientists, researchers, students, faculty, and staff.
  • Work across differences to increase access to science and sustainability education; practice respect and compassion extending to all partners and stakeholders.
  • As opportunities arise, present on SPP at conferences, publish articles, and actively share knowledge with other groups about supporting science and sustainability education for incarcerated people.
  • Provide valuable contributions to SPP statewide and beyond.