INTERNSHIP PROGRAM TERM: Part-time, temporary, 10-15 hours/week
TERM: September 30th 2023 to June 14th 2024.
WAGE: $15 – $20/hour

HDC convenes over 200 member organizations – from developers and architects to banks and community-based organizations – to promote equitable policies, educate the public, and support our membership as they work to collaboratively meet the needs of limited income households throughout the region.

HDC is currently seeking applicants for the 2023-2024 Housing Development Internship Program. Through this Internship, HDC aims to support the next generation of affordable housing professionals.

HDC’s Housing Development Internship program (HDIP) is a 9-month paid Internship designed to recruit, train, and retain racially and socio-economically diverse students who may not otherwise know about or have access to opportunities in the affordable housing sector. This Internship aims to provide a launch pad for college and graduate students from communities of color into a career in affordable housing development. We strongly encourage applications from students entering their junior or senior year of undergraduate studies or last year of graduate school, studying real estate development, urban planning, architecture, construction management, design, and/or related subject matter. All majors are welcome to apply.

Three pillars form the foundation of this successful Internship experience: the Intern, Program Administrator (HDC), and Host Agency -the organization where Interns are placed.

Interns are individuals/students who identify as a Person of Color, who are currently enrolled in college/university (associate/trade, undergrad, or grad school), preferably entering their final year of school in Fall 2023, and committed to 9 months of part-time internship related work in addition to their academic program.

As the Program Administrator of the Internship, HDC assists and convenes the Interns as part of the program cohort, and coordinates additional trainings, enrichment activities, and networking opportunities within the affordable housing sector.

The Host Agency is a nonprofit, for profit or governmental agency focused on housing development, where each intern carries out his/her/their day-to-day work. The host agency is responsible for providing 10-15 hours of work, oversight, and support, weekly.

Interns are selected via a competitive application process and are matched with a host agency based on a variety of factors, including desired areas of focus, geographic location, etc. The intern will be supervised by a designated staff person at the host agency, who will work closely with the intern and serve as a mentor. The intern will follow a work plan that provides a well-rounded experience in the field of affordable housing and community development. Interns and Host Agencies sign agreements with HDC to ensure understanding of the program terms and policies, and to offer an optimal experience for the intern and the host agency. During the program, Interns will learn hands-on what it takes to create affordable and healthy living communities, and specifically learn the intricacies of developing projects from inception to construction completion. In addition, Interns will further develop their technical and professional skills through enrichment activities associated with HDC including additional trainings, events such as Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day, conferences, and HDC Learn at Lunch events.  

All selected Interns will begin the program with a two-day orientation and training, September 30th and October 1st, 2023 followed by the start of their work with the host agency the week of October 2nd, (as negotiated between the host, HDC, and intern). Interns who cannot attend both days of orientation and start their Internship Fall quarter will not be eligible for this round of the program. 

Architecture Track On-the-Job Training at Host Agencies: Host Agencies will provide opportunities to gain hands-on experience to include:

  1. Understanding Development Funding
    1. Timeline: Feasibility Studies, Proposals, and Award
    2. Funding requirements that impact design; i.e. accessibility and Evergreen Sustainable Development Standards
  2. Understanding Roles and Responsibilities
    1. Internal Project Management/Teams
    2. AIA Contracts
    3. Owners, Consultants and Contractors
    4. Authority Having Jurisdiction
  3. Understanding the Design Process/Phases
    1. Go-No Go Assessment
    2. Staffing and Fee
    3. Project Schedule
    4. PD, SD, DD, CD, BN, CA, PC – Deliverables and Coordination
  4. Understanding the Permitting Process
    1. Different AHJ requirements in WA
    2. Relationship of design phases and permitting
    3. Codes – Opportunities and Constraints
  5. Understanding Bidding and Construction Administration
    1. Roles and Responsibilities
    2. Safety
  6. Leadership, Speaking and Presentation Skill Building
    1. Building a Team where everyone has a voice
    2. Communications within the Team, Consultants and Owners
    3. How to run a meeting
    4. How to present an idea

Program Activities and Other Opportunities
The Intern’s Program year will include a variety of professional and personal development opportunities. Interns will build community with their peer group members and program alumni through various activities and develop a strong network through the work and activities that occur. Some of these opportunities include: 

Pre-Program Orientation and Training: Interns will gather September 30th and October 1st for a two-day session intended to provide background for the Interns’ work, including: an introduction and overview of the history of affordable housing development and framing the housing problem with a focus on affordability, equity, and scale. This time will also be used to provide soft skill development as well as employment skills training.

Conferences: Interns will be eligible to attend the Conference on Ending Homelessness as well as the Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day in Olympia, as funds allow.

The Mid-Winter Training:  In January Interns take a weekend to participate in a skills development/retreat where they reflect on their intern experience and gain additional soft skills, housing & community development tools.

Enrichment Opportunities: Host Agencies and HDC will regularly inform Interns of various housing and development events, resources, training opportunities, and job announcements via HDC member emails. Host Agencies will encourage Interns to participate in trainings as appropriate. Interns are also encouraged to apply for scholarships to attend additional supplemental trainings of interest.

The intern will be an part-time, temporary employee of the host agency, per the Internship agreement. The term of the program is September 30th 2023 to June 14th 2024. Interns are expected to start no later than the week of October 2nd, 2023 and will commit to a work plan of 10-15 hours/week. The hourly wage for the Internship is between $15 – $20/hour, and is set by the Host Agency upon offer of employment. Hours spent attending trainings and other assigned enrichment opportunities are considered work time and will be paid by the Host Agency at the agreed upon rate.

HDC recognizes that employees with physical or mental disabilities may need reasonable accommodations to enable them to perform their essential job functions. Any employees who need reasonable accommodation has the right to notify and put in a request(s) to their supervisor.

This opportunity is intended specifically for students who identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color, preferably enrolled in college or university (associate/trade, undergrad, or grad school), entering the last year of their program, and committed to engaging in this Internship for 10-15 hours per week in addition to their academic program through June 2024. Note that HDC will review applications from students in various stages of their academic and professional careers. Successful Interns will need to have strong college-level writing skills and be familiar with/comfortable using spreadsheets (i.e. Microsoft Excel). Students who have a background in, or are majoring in Real Estate Development, Urban Planning, Architecture, Construction Management, and/or related are strongly encouraged to apply.

The Housing Development Consortium values diverse perspectives and life experiences and will consider applicants regardless of race, national origin, disability, religious or political affiliation, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity. 

Seattle King County Housing Internship Program

Follow this link for more information and to find specific track (Development, Construction, Architecture) application instructions:

Applications must be submitted by July 14th, 2023. Prospective Interns will be selected by early August to participate in the interview process.