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Salary12 Weeks ($580.00/week =$6960.00)

Project Description: The internship will assist with a variety of data management and database development projects for the CAKN long-term stream monitoring program, which has collected a large amount of data of varying types in the 16 years. The existing stream database is in the process of being updated and improved, and needs to be populated with recently collected data. The intern will work with the CAKN stream ecologist and the assistant data manager to accomplish this. Similarly the program maintains a large number of long-term continuous stream temperature datasets in the Aquarius Time-Series database housed in Fort Collins, which depend on a variety of data management tasks to keep them accurate and up to date. Depending on the skill set of the intern, there may also be opportunities to engage in data analysis, for example of the long-term stream temperature datasets. In addition to these tasks, the intern will assist the CAKN Program Manager in preparing documentation of what the overall CAKN long-term monitoring program has learned over the 20 years of its existence. This assistance will take the form of helping with reports and the collation of publications and other products across the 17 Vital Signs that together constitute the CAKN monitoring program.