Pipes carrying natural gas with text that says: "Clearing the Air"


Clearing the Air: Strategies for Effective State Methane Abatement Policies

Date: January 17

Time: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Cost: Free
Venue: Webinar
Organizer: Climate XChange SCPN

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For states looking to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, developing strong and ambitious methane abatement policy is a high priority, as methane is a “super pollutant” that is far more potent than carbon dioxide — in fact, methane is responsible for around ⅓ of current human-induced warming. 

With the U.S. EPA’s December release of their final rule for oil and gas operations, states are an important arena to ensure methane abatement policy leads to robust emissions reductions. To understand the state-level implications of this final rule and explore how states have approached methane regulation to date, including best practices and lessons learned, we’ve invited a panel of experts working on methane across the country.

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