YESC Environmental Leaders Summit Flyer 2022

In December YMCA Earth Service Corps will be hosting its annual Environmental Leaders Summit. This year the event is in person! The Summit brings together youth and adult voices across generations to discuss the pressing environmental issues in our communities.


I’m reaching out because an important component of the Summit is identifying knowledgeable environmental professionals with a passion for connecting with young people who can serve as Table Hosts. Each Table Host is the anchor for one specific table and provides background and expertise around an environmental topic while engaging high school participants in a youth-centered discussion. As an example, waste reduction has been a popular topic for young people and a Table Host would help inform students about composting/recycling/landfill waste, answer questions and share insights. Please see the attached Table Host Guide for more information.


This year our youth participants selected the following environmental issues as the ones they are most interested in. While only a few topics are specifically listed under “Climate Change” and “Environmental Justice” all these issues intersect, and youth are eager to discuss those intersections regardless of the topic:



  1. Air Pollution
  2. Freshwater & river pollution
  3. Storm drain pollution

Climate Change

  1. Rising sea levels
  2. Wildfires locally and around the world
  3. Climate anxiety, feeling alone in feeling anxiety
  4. History of city development & industrialism, how this has led to current state of climate change

Waste Streams

  1. Garbage, Littering
  2. Plastics, plastic pollution
  3. Recycling
  4. Industrial composting
  5. At home composting – how to


  1. Oil spills
  2. Fast fashion & sustainable durable clothing

Environmental Justice

  1. Indigenous History, Ecology, and support for indigenous groups
  2. PNW environmental justice issues and how to advocate for change around them

Sustainable Behaviors

  1. How to encourage others to care about environmentalism, fighting apathy
  2. Personal sustainable lifestyle changes such as:
    1. Eco friendly plastic alternatives
    2. Sustainable replacements for daily items
    3. Sustainable brands
  3. Corporate sustainable changes
  4. Action-based changes to help the environment


  1. Gardening, locally sourced food, sustainable agriculture – how gardening can fit into the bigger picture
  2. Native species gardens
  3. Food deserts and insecurity


  1. Ocean acidification
  2. Fish populations, sustainable fishing


  1. Greening the energy grid
  2. Solar panels for schools, homes
  3. Emissions

Wildlife & Nature

  1. Deforestation
  2. Decreasing biodiversity

Built Environment

  1. Eco-building/sustainable infrastructure and eco-friendly installation
  2. Walkability and urban planning
  3. Cars/transportation


Can you help? If you are interested in attending the Summit and serving as a Table Host please contact me directly. Further, if you know others who can speak to the topics listed above please feel free to share this information as I welcome the opportunity to add their voices to the discussion.


WHAT: YMCA Environmental Leaders Summit

WHO: High school students, teachers, environmental professionals

WHEN: Thursday, December 8th from 9:00 – 2:00

WHERE: Seattle University Campion Hall, 914 E Jefferson Street, Seattle, WA 98122


The Summit is a launching point for youth action and provides an opportunity for students from across the Puget Sound to share ideas and learn from others in the environmental community. If you know students, teachers or youth groups that may be interested in this event I encourage you to share this information with them. All are welcome.


Thank you in advance for helping to make the Environmental Leaders Summit a success!