GeoGirls working in Willow Creek on the Pumice Plain of Mount St. Helens in summer 2019. Photo by Carri LeRoy (Mavic2Pro by permit at MSHNVM).

One of the most exciting outreach activities done at MSH is a geology and nature camp for middle school girls that focuses on engaging the youth in the amazing world of science. They are called the “GeoGirls” and are organized by the Mount St. Helens Institute! Watch this short video:


“GeoGirls” are middle school girls from all over the country who spend a week doing research with scientists at Mount St. Helens. Photo by Carri LeRoy

This unique opportunity allows middle school girls to join in on fieldwork on the Pumice Plain and learn about the history of the mountain. Encouraging and supporting the youth developing skills, knowledge, and memories they can take with them for a lifetime! 

We volunteered to teach 25 middle school ”GeoGirls” how to measure stream velocity and sinuosity both summers 2018 and 2019. Photo by Carri LeRoy

GeoGirls is a collaborative effort that runs during the summer where those involved get to learn from REAL SCIENTISTS! Our lab volunteered to teach the 2018 and 2019 GeoGirls to measure things like stream sinuosity and velocity of MSH watersheds!