Tentative syllabus 2016  Please refer to this document often when thinking about the order of topics covered and basic scheduling.  Note that some details in this syllabus may change

student expectations Please print this out and post it in a place where you study.  Refer to it once a week.

Grazing Management-An Ecological Perspective:  This is the main online textbook for the course

Pasture and Grazing Management in the Northwest:  This is a great manual specific to our area.  I highly recommend that you use this as a reference

Copy of 590_528_calculator  This is a spreadsheet that can be used to assess pasture growth, nutrient management, and stocking density

Stocking rate calculation PUB DRAFT oct15  This is a great instructional manual to come up with stocking rates using soil web survey

WSUE stocking rate calculator  This is a spreadsheet than can be used to calculate stocking rates

Copy of LES2_BAL-1 :  This is a spreadsheet that can be used for overall livestock nutrient management

GRASSID2002.6.7 This is a convenient spreadsheet for grass identification in Western Washington

Vegetative Key Hill  This is a useful pictorial guide to identify grasses.  It was made by a former student who took the course.  I highly recommend that you print it out or put it on your mobile device.


The following pdf files will help you as an identification guide for eastern washington/oregon rangeland plants:

ParosM Title

ParosM 1

ParosM 2 




http://www.nrcs.usda.gov/wps/portal/nrcs/detail/national/technical/nra/ceap/?&cid=stelprdb1045811Conservation Benefits of Rangeland Practices: Assessment, Recommendations, and Knowledge Gaps.  An excellent resource for evidence based assessment of rangeland management. Will be used for upper division science questions:

upper-division-questions  These are some questions based on a prescribed grazing chapter that uses evidence based science.  For those who are interested in pursuing upper division credit (please see stipulations on word document) you will want to review them and work on them throughout the quarter.