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COVID19: Our Team Entrepreneurs are operating very efficiently and seamlessly in the cloud.  The businesses they are establishing are cloud based or designed around social distancing principles and techniques.

During Fall quarter should circumstances allow, this program will be presented as online and optionally in person for selected optional field trips/ training sessions.

“The world has not been given to us to contemplate but to transform and we do it as Team-entrepreneurs, learning by creating in teams”

This Changemaker Lab Program is an inter-disciplinary hands-on opportunity for students interested in learning how to start or develop environmentally and socially sustainable enterprises.

Our #MillionsOfChangemakers integrating visions

Class times are Tuesday and Thursday 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm. Other work times are arranged with project teams.

Ashoka #millionsofchangemakers

The Evergreen State College Changemaker Lab was one of only 6 institutions around the world to be recognized as a semi-finalist for the Ashoka U #MillionsofChangemakers award. The award recognizes intiatives that have significant potential to spark #MillionsofChangemakers if adopted across higher education.

The program features a faculty that combines Evergreen’s pedagogy and the local environment with the Tiimiakatemia pedagogy and -entrepreneurs experience. It further introduces neat tools and resources to support the start up development of entrepreneurial foundations.

Training Session in Action

There is an African saying that goes: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Most of our time will be spent working in teams and teams of teams to create a learning organization that will facilitate learning about many business concepts and the development of strategic business plans around actual sustainable businesses, social enterprises and projects. We will utilize some amazing business planning tools used for startups, learn about innovation, strategic visioning and planning, business leadership, creating value, marketing, accounting, tax and web development. We will learn how to use and utilize business software applications as well as scientific instruments and applications.

Our Agriculture  Entrepreneurs getting real doing business experience presenting the Myco Ethos company at the South Sound Business Expo.

Our Agriculture Entrepreneurs getting real doing business experience presenting the Myco Ethos company at the South Sound Business Expo.

This program is designed around a set of unique ingredients that seeks to promote and empower the entrepreneurial spirit of its participants. It offers a time and space for student entrepreneurs to work on real projects together at Evergreen.

See our very unique classroom A MTA Evergreen Change Maker Lab

Learning by Doing Competencies

There are 21 competencies in three categories that students will get exposure to namely;

Learning as a TEAM

 Entrepreneurs providing valuable feedback to the business models of project s.

Entrepreneurs providing each other with valuable feedback to the business models of project s.

  1. Information technologies and computer skills
  2. Team learning techniques
  3. Personal learning methods and attitudes (mental models)
  4. Creativity
  5. International vision
  6. Communication skills
  7. Self-guidance
Computer Science Changemakers Presenting their business models.

Computer Science Changemakers Presenting their business models.

Leading a TEAM

  1. Self-management skills
  2. Project management
  3. leadership capacity
  4. Planning techniques
  5. Coaching skills
  6. Strategic skills
  7. Decision making and determination


  1. Consumer services and negotiation and sales techniques
  2. Comprehension of financial elements
  3. Marketing
  4. Innovation
  5. Theoretical and modeling skills of an entrepreneur
  6. Networking
  7. Bravery and will to overcome obstacles


 Entrepreneurs from all ov er the world presenting their models and plans and receiving feedback from s.

Entrepreneurs from all over the world presenting their models and plans and receiving feedback from teams.

 Entrepreneurs are having a  Company training session learning collaborative management principles in the beautiful North West

Entrepreneurs are having a Company training session learning collaborative management principles in the beautiful North West

Last year the Changemaker Lab at Evergreen State College joined 65 other higher education innovators in 14 countries who are working together to spark and accelerate more than 200,000 changemakers.

Our expert Entrepreneur Coaches/Facilitators Ane and Martin getting ready

Faculty Institution Faculty Role  
Dr. Dion Gouws Fall/Winter/Spring Evergreen Faculty Business and Entrepreneurship Evergreen Coach

Dr. Melissa Nevala


Evergreen Faculty Evergreen Coach

Dr. David Muelheisen –


Evergreen Faculty Sustainable Agriculture, Entomology  MTA Evergreen Coach

Dr. Dion Gouws, CPA, MTA Evergreen Coach

Dion is a member of the business management and faculty at Evergreen. Highlights of his life from activities over the world include “chaperone” of the President of  the National Health and Allied Workers Union during apartheid South Africa; starting and operating a management consulting firm for many years; wildlife restoration and conservation and being appointed by the South African government for several years to address the representation of all members of society in the aviation sector by developing an employment equity training plan for the defense and civil sector.

In Angola he was appointed to coordinate and manage a project involving the capture of family groups of elephant and other wildlife families in South Africa and relocated these, for the first time ever by airlift, to Angola. As Director of a 1.2-million-hectare park in Angola he established its wildlife management and tourism infrastructure and drafted enabling national parks legislation.

In 2001 he immigrated to the United States, obtained a CPA license and started and operates a public accounting firm in California. He worked in the US Virgin Islands for seven years as an Associate Professor of Accounting and held the positions of Chair of the Department Accounting and Finance and Assistant Dean of the School of Business. In 2016 he received the SBA- SBDC Small Business Champion of the year Award.  He was awarded a Certificate of Special US Congressional Recognition for his contribution to society.

On his academic path he prepared himself as a professional accountant, obtained an MBA from Edinburgh Business School, a Doctoral Degree in Strategic Management from the University of Johannesburg and a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Finance from Keller Graduate School. In his other profession he is an avid Scuba Diving Instructor.

He is keen to share his experiences through mentoring with learning communities that are discovering how to deliver their value in the GIG economy through community building and creating enterprises that have a larger sense of purpose.  Combining as developed by MTA and Tiimiakatamia, with Evergreen‘s learning model, Six Expectations of the Evergreen Graduate and the 5 Foci of Learning and model shaped network structure may provide us with an excellent model to develop our future entrepreneurs that will create enterprises with the necessary sustainable social perspective, equally both, for profit and not for profit entities.

Study in Washington and Learn by Doing

 Evergreen is located in beautiful Olympia, State of Washington.