• Common incubator where students can come together to learn and grow together; leak students into specific incubators/working spaces.
  • General Incubator/Hub: common space for all students, event and network based.
  • What are the prerequisites to join the different levels? Is it available for CC transfers?
  • Integrating the Flaming Eggplant into a collaborative entrepreneurial initiative.
  • Modelling using Art Incubator as example.


For next Monday:

  • Share Rocket Model Highlights @Thea and @Ane
  • Identify needed roles for staffing and spaces
  • Modelling using Art Incubator as example


Team 3:

  • Proposal: Purce Hall for Common Space.
  • Current Research by @Thea: learning processes for team entrepreneurs to create high performance teams.
  • Access to the Evergreen App to include events.


For next Monday:

  • Include David, Marja, Martha, Ellen into Slack and Drive
  • Evergreen Leading Thoughts
  • Lead Event Team for upcoming events
  • Integrate project Webpage with Bridget (include pictures of facilities supporting all the disciplines)
  • Access to the Evergreen App
  • Tour of facilities: Monday 20th? Confirm time and place