For Spring 2021, “Reimagining Community Safety” is hosting a series of public seminars designed to showcase the unique power of Evergreen’s model of action-oriented community-based interdisciplinary inquiry. Each event brings together a dynamic panel of contemporaries to engage in “urgent studies” that serve to “focus and legitimize research on solutions” (as early Evergreen faculty Richard Cellarius once described it). The Spring series features three seminars that will be focused on: (1) alternatives to policing and incarceration, (2) transformative and restorative justice, and (3) the power of a liberal arts education as a countermeasure to mass incarceration, as well as (4) a grand finale focused on bioregional regeneration.


4/23 A PUBLIC SEMINAR ON PUBLIC SAFETY (Week 4 Friday 12-1:30pm)

=> recording available here

Focused on alternatives to policing and alternatives to incarceration in Olympia & beyond, featuring Evergreen alumni Larry Jefferson, Anne Larsen, and others 



=> recording available here 

Featuring Common Justice and Choose 180 with Shaka Colon, Sean Goode, and Danielle Sered (co-sponsored by the President’s Equity Fund & the Justice-Involved Student Group)


5/15 A PUBLIC SEMINAR ON COLLEGE IN PRISON (Week 7 Saturday 12pm-1:30pm)

Focused on recent documentaries about college in prison. Visit our “virtual screening room” for a list of films. 


& please save the date for our grand finale for the schoolyear: 

5/26 TAHOMA & ITS PEOPLE (Week 9 Weds 11:30am-1pm) 

featuring Jeff Antonelis-Lapp (author + Evergreen faculty emeritus) 

=> recording available here 

(co-sponsored by Master in Environmental Studies + Climate Academy)


[ see below for information about previous public seminars


Please join the Reimagining Community Safety series on Wednesday 2/17 from 11:30am to 1pm for a public seminar on Octavia Butler’s PARABLE OF THE SOWER.

This event is designed to showcase the power of Evergreen’s unique model of multimodal, intersectional, interdisciplinary inquiry. 

The seminar brings together several of our contemporaries from Evergreen’s Olympia and Tacoma campuses for a lively discussion of Butler’s prescient 1993 novel about catastrophe and resilience, tradition and invention (among other things). 

Related event 

2/20 1pm Toshi Reagon on PARABLE OF THE SOWER