Meet the Students of the Clean Energy Committee

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Clean Energy Committee    Fall 2022-Summer 2023

Olivia McGoldrick, Student Co-Chair

Olivia is a 2nd year student in the MES program focusing her studies on climate and energy policy. Beyond classes and coordinating the CEC, Olivia also works in the TESC Office of Sustainability to reduce campus carbon emissions. Her main passion in sustainability work is looking for systemic solutions to systemic problems.

Cleopatra Gourley, Outreach Coordinator


My name is Cleopatra Gourley and this is my last year at Evergreen, but my first year on the CEC! My educational journey led me to Evergreen to pursue a career in sustainability and leadership. I have a strong passion for community and environmental justice. In conclusion, I am another huge nerd that loves mother Earth.

Keira Jensen, Project Manager

Growing up in Montana, Keira found a great love for the outdoors that led her to the environmental field. After graduating from Pomona College, she spent several years at work in various roles from conservation, to education, to sustainable farming. Ultimately she made her way to the MES program at Evergreen to find work more directly addressing climate change and sustainability at a local level.

Joshua Reed-Doyle, Secretary/Treasurer

Joshua Nathan Reed-Doyle is a non-traditional returning student finishing up his B.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts & Appropriate Technology: Cooperative Entrepreneurship, Permaculture, Philosophy, Alternate Reality Game Design, and Traditional Ecological Knowledge are his main areas of study. His interest in th CEC is to propose, test, and implement regenerative financing techniques within the CEC in order to fund the long-term sustained bioregional disaster resilience for The Evergreen State College. He enjoys going to workshops and learning about cooking.

Teddy Escobedo, Info-Desk Manager

Teddy is a Junior at TESC, and she is pursuing her Bachelor’s of Arts with a focus on Environmental Policy. They are passionate about wildlife conservation, finding solutions to community issues, and learning more every day about better clean energy policies. When not spending her time in class or on the committee, you can find Teddy in her natural habitat- baking dairy free desserts in her kitchen while blasting indie pop music. They also enjoy collecting hobbies and meeting new people to ply with baked goods and homemade hot cocoa.