The CEC is Hiring for the 2023-24 Year!

The Clean Energy Committee is recruiting for next year! If you or someone you know has hot-takes about the need for renewable energy, regenerative food systems, or any other sustainability-oriented topics in need of problem solving, then please check out these positions! The committee serves to distribute funding from the student green fee to projects that both students and staff bring to the CEC’s bi-quarterly award hearings. CEC members have a voice on how campus sustainability projects are planned and executed, giving field experience that acts as a great resume booster.  

Examples of CEC funded projects in 2022-23: 

  • Funding the Organic Farm student discount, reducing miles travelled for students to obtain food, and increasing the accessibility of regeneratively produced food. 
  • Helping MESA (Masters of Environmental Studies Student Association) restart the Rachel Carson Forum after a COVID hiatus, delivering education on sustainability issues across the campus and broader community 

Available Committee Positions: 

CEC Coordinator & Student Co-Chair (non-voting) (6-10 hours/week) ($1434 quarterly allotment)  Acts as committee lead, chooses priorities, and administrates hearings. Holds weekly office hours.  

General student voting members (4-6 hours/week) ($535 quarterly allotment): 

  • Project Manager – helps manage, monitor, and work with projects approved for funding  
  • Outreach Representative – increases campus awareness of CEC and sustainability broadly 
  • Secretary/Treasurer – takes minutes for hearings, student activities liaison 
  • Info Desk Coordinator – manages CEC website and information materials 

Application materials: 

  • A cover letter expressing your interest in Clean Energy work and how it fits into your desired career path 
  • A resume with relevant experience or qualifications 


A pdf description of each position can be found below.

Download (PDF, 515KB)