Exam 1 Revision info

You can find a link to the Exam 1 Revision information at the Calendar page entry for Day 10. Exam 1 was an opportunity for you to show what you have learned in our program so far. The Exam 1 Revision is another opportunity to both solidify your learning and demonstrate it better (as needed). You’ll receive your graded Exam 1 back in class on Day 11 – Mon. Jul. 7, but you may already know that you struggled with some questions and are invited to start those revisions as soon as you can.

Here are the Exam 1 Revision Guidelines:

  • Use the versions of the Exam 1 questions handed out at the end of the exam (also located at the Calendar page).
  • You may utilize any resource available to you, but submitted work must reflect your own personal understanding of the material.
  • You may revise any problems you choose.
  • You must present a complete solution to any problem you choose to revise.
  • Clearly indicate which problem(s) you are revising.
  • Revisions must be neat, complete, and presented in a logical, clear-to-understand fashion. They should constitute “ideal” solutions to the problems below.
  • The care you take in presenting your work will be considered when evaluating it.

Exam 1 Info

  • Exam 1 will be on Day 10 – Friday July 3 starting at 9 am in the first floor lobby of Lab 1.
  • The exam covers material from Days 1 – 9 (Ch. 1 – 6, Lecture & Problem Session 1 – 4, HW 1 – 4, Lab 1 – 7).
  • You may use your calculating device and writing tools. You may bring a personally prepared 3 inch by 5 inch note card. Scratch paper will be provided.
  • The exam will be a mix of conceptual questions and problems (simple to complex).

Calendar page added

Using the Calendar link in the navigation bar above, you can find a detailed day-by-day calendar, including reading details, homework assignments and solutions, and lab handouts. Please suggest other items that you would find useful.

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    • If you use a compatible RSS feeder, there’s an Entries RSS feed https://sites.evergreen.edu/summerphysics/feed/ or use the link under Meta in the right hand sidebar.
    • You may opt to receive email reminders
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Printing textbook chapters in computer labs

I’ve been asked to convey to you a request that you not print out all the chapters we will be covering this summer sessions in one sitting: it’s a drain on resources and takes up the printer queue during busy hours. Please consult with me if you need some assistance in obtaining the required reading. – Krishna

Lab Safety Manual and Quiz

  • You can find links to the Lab Safety Manual and Lab Safety Quiz at http://blogs.evergreen.edu/sciencesupportcenter/
  • If you are currently Lab Safety certified, you need not take the Lab Safety Quiz. Current certification means you took and passed the Lab Safety Quiz in Fall 2014, Winter 2015, or Spring 2015. Please let our Science Instructional Technician Eric Sanford know in which quarter and in which program you received your certification.
  • If you are not currently Lab Safety certified, you must take and pass the Lab Safety Quiz by 9 am Tuesday June 23 (Day 2), which also includes bringing in your signed print-out.