Exam 2 Revision info

You can find a link to the Exam 2 Revision information at the Calendar page entry for Day 20. Exam 2 was an opportunity for you to show what you have learned in our program so far. The Exam 2 Revision is another opportunity to both solidify your learning and demonstrate it better (as needed). You will be able to pick up your graded Exam 2 by 5 pm Fri. Jul. 17 outside Lab 2 3255, but you may already know that you struggled with some questions and are invited to start those revisions as soon as you can.

Here are the Exam 2 Revision Guidelines:

  • Use the versions of the Exam 2 questions handed out at the end of the exam (also located at the Calendar page).
  • You may utilize any resource available to you, but submitted work must reflect your own personal understanding of the material.
  • You may revise any problems you choose.
  • You must present a complete solution to any problem you choose to revise.
  • Clearly indicate which problem(s) you are revising.
  • Revisions must be neat, complete, and presented in a logical, clear-to-understand fashion. They should constitute “ideal” solutions to the problems below.
  • The care you take in presenting your work will be considered when evaluating it.