Evaluation Conferences 1 pm – 3 pm Mon. July 20 in Lab 2 3255

  • Evaluation Conferences will be on Mon. July 20 between 1 – 3 pm.
  • Conference Sign-ups will occur Day 20 (Fri. July 17) after the final exam.
  • Conference Ticket includes the following:
    • Portfolios due 5 pm Day 20 (Fri. July 17) outside Lab 2 3255.
    • Self-Evaluations due 6 pm Sun. July 19 uploaded to your my.evergreen.edu
      • All students are required to write a self-evaluation and upload it. It is your choice if you want to include it in your official transcript – we can discuss that at your evaluation conference.
      • Your Self-Evaluation may inform my evaluation of your achievement.
    • Evaluation of Faculty due at your Evaluation Conference.
      • Submit your Evaluation of Faculty by uploading it to your my.evergreen.edu. You may choose to keep it from me until your evaluation has been posted but it should be uploaded by your Conference (this option shows that you uploaded an evaluation of me but hides the content until the faculty evaluation of student work has been submitted).