“Health, Tea, and Culture” is the concluding Symposium of the International Symposium and Seminar Series 2020-2021 organized by TESC Silk Roads program in collaboration with AIBAS, Amity University, India; and Wuyi University, China.

These Symposiums and Seminars brought together students internationally to provide an online cross-cultural exchange platform during the pandemic when the on-campus inter-country exchange was not possible. In this concluding Symposium, students presented their Work Group projects including learning outcomes of the cross-cultural online exchange based on their area and topics of discussions (i.e., health/tea/culture).

A Warm Welcome 

Kathleen Eamon,  Academic Dean of International Studies
George Bridges, President of Evergreen State College

May 28, 2021






What a wonderful opportunity today’s International Symposium on “Health, Tea and Culture” represents. It is a testament to everyone involved that even during a pandemic, the need for learning and connecting is great.  


At Evergreen, we understand that we all live in a world that is interconnected and in a state of continuous change. This symposium aligns well with our belief that everyone has the freedom to chart their own course and forge a brighter future for yourself and the world.  



George Bridges 


The Evergreen State College