About this program

This program will explore psychological dimensions of community systems through experiential and somatic dialogue practices, theoretical readings and expressive arts explorations. Students will also gain skills in communication practices, group facilitation and applied mindfulness that can be integrated in both community internships, counseling and social health care. The program will participate in the interdisciplinary Anthropocene Consortium to provide breadth to our inquiry of psychology and community at this time in human history https://sites.evergreen.edu/anthropocene/.   Half of the work in the program will be designed by students.  Student work may involve community based internships or student originated projects in psychology, health, cultural studies and education. Questions to be explored include “What possibilities are emerging for conscious communication, conflict transformation and cultural harmony as existing systems are breaking down and new paradigms are emerging?” “What is the intersectionality of human consciousness and ecological consciousness?”

The program is connected to Evergreen’s Center for Community-based Learning and Action (CCBLA) which supports learning about, engaging with, and contributing to community life in the region. As such, this program benefits from the rich resource library, staff, internship support and workshops offered through the Center. The CCBLA is available to help students locate potential internship sites during the summer and fall. Please contact them: http://evergreen.edu/communitybasedlearning/.