Evergreen State College


Education: Ph.D in Economics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Research and publication fields: public health, ecological economics, cost-benefit analysis, development, labor economics, international political economy, comparative economic systems, research design.  My current research and writing projects address carbon policy, the economics of HIV/AIDS in developing countries, non-welfarist approaches to cost-benefit analysis, and the relationship between worker autonomy, innovation and corporate governance in the US and Germany.  I also blog periodically for EconoSpeak.

Courses/programs taught: microeconomics (introductory, intermediate, graduate), macroeconomics (introductory, intermediate), international political economy, cost-benefit analysis, statistics (introductory, intermediate), labor economics, environmental and resource economics….and this being Evergreen….Political Economy and Social Change, Ecological Design, Risks (Democracy and Technology), Alternatives to Capitalism, Global Meltdowns (Finance and Climate), Small World (Poverty and Development), Understanding the Financial Crisis and more.

I am currently teaching in the Masters of Environmental Studies program.

My two introductory textbooks, Microeconomics: A Fresh Start and Macroeconomics: A Fresh Start, have just been published by Springer.  They represent more than a decade of work, reflecting changes in the subject matter and the need for new, more effective approaches to teaching it.   I am working on a website that will have materials instructors can use in conjunction with the books.

More details on my teaching history, consulting work and publications can be found in my CV.