Math Review

Many students have questions about their preparation when entering a math and science heavy program. We’ve set a precalculus prerequisite for MoM so if you have any significant trouble with problems in algebra, geometry, or trigonometry, you should fill in this background now or else seriously consider postponing your study of calculus and calculus-based physics until you have taken further preparatory classes (such as precalculus).  You can use your old textbooks for review material, and there are tremendous resources available on the web.  We’ve included some links below. We encourage you to use the comments below to add resources that you’ve found useful for learning/reviewing math.

  • Advice on how to learn, with particular relevance to learning math and science, based on up-to-date research in cognitive science and learning theory; you can Preview Lectures

2 Responses to Math Review

  1. Annj says:

    Khan Academy is a great resource.

  2. Conan King says:

    I’ve found the site to be good for seeing complicated concepts explained easily enough for a kid to understand.

    Also, has quite a few topic laid out in roughly sequential order.

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