Math Resources

Many students have questions about their preparation when entering a math and science heavy program.  There are two math tracks in this year’s M&M, and you should choose the track that most closely aligns with your preparation. 

For the precalculus (as well as chemistry and algebra-based physics) track: 

All students should be proficient in intermediate algebra (or high school algebra 2 or integrated 3). Here are some General Chemistry Math Proficiency Problems that provide examples of the mathematical notation, math operations, and algebraic thinking you will be expected to be able to use upon entering M&M. 

Some algebra review materials (there are many other good sources available):

  • Algebra Review, available at
  • The free online WAMAP precalculus course has an Intermediate Algebra diagnostic which provides extensive review opportunities (multiple versions of each problem is available, along with tips and video advice).  To access, go to, Register as a new student (or Login if you already have a wamap account) and use the Course ID: 14851 and the Enrollment key: precalculus.

For the calculus (and calculus-based physics) track:  In addition to the algebra preparation described above, you should be proficient in precalculus, including trigonometry.  If you have any significant trouble with problems in algebra, geometry, or trigonometry, you will need to find time and resources to fill in this background. 

Precalculus review materials (including algebra, functions, and trigonometry):

  • Precalculus: An Investigation of Functions is a freely available book
  • WAMAP Precalculus self-study course: we have modified a self-study course that include freely available open-source textbooks, interactive exercises, and targeted video lectures and examples. To access, go to, Register as a new student (or Login if you already have a wamap account) and use the Course ID: 14851 and the Enrollment key: precalculus. You can use this rich resource to do targeted review at any point you like over the year.
  • UC Irvine OpenCourseWare Pre-Calculus video lectures The video lectures here are of a different quality than the ones available through the wamap course above.

You can download some sections of our calculus textbook below. The Preview of Calculus whets your appetite for what is to come (spoiler alert! Calculus is awesome! and useful!). Chapter 1 reviews much of the material from precalculus (with the notable absence of right triangle trigonometry). If the material from Chapter 1 (perhaps not necessarily the material from section 1.7) is familiar to you, then you’re in good shape and should just work some problems from the Review at the end of the chapter to get yourself warmed up. If you find the material from Chapter 1 unfamiliar, please don’t panic!  Use the precalculus and algebra materials above to review.

Some additional calculus resources:

For all students:

  • In our experience, students who can take advantage of the Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning (QuaSR) Center (our math and science tutoring center, located in Library 2304, in the main part of the Library in the Library building) can make up for quite a bit of math gaps, so consider how you might adjust your schedule during the year to take advantage of the QuaSR Center.
  • Advice on how to learn, with particular relevance to learning math and science, based on up-to-date research in cognitive science and learning theory; free on-line course started on May 24 and you can just view lectures on your own by enrolling