Are you a Greener with a film or video project ready to submit to festivals?

Are you interested in attending a festival, conference or other media arts and studies related event?

If not, why?

The Media Arts and Studies Path at Evergreen is offering students some funding to support you and your work.  The application is open to continuing Evergreen Students and students graduating in Spring or Summer of 2019.

Media Arts and Studies Film Festival, Conference, and Travel Funding Initiative for Students

Open to continuing Evergreen students or those graduating in Spring or Summer of 2019. 

Eligible students will be reimbursed for up to $150 for the following:

  1. Reimbursement of film festival project submission fees (up to $50, requires proof of festival application fee payment);
  2. Reimbursement or purchase of festival passes, travel money to attend a festival your work is in, or purchase of conference fees (up to $100, requires proof of festival acceptance or receipt from conference registration or festival pass);
  3. Other event or funding to support networking and project outreach in your media arts and studies area of interest (provide specific details and links to relevant events).

Funding requests are due: July 25th (1st funding cycle); September 13th (2nd funding cycle); October 11th (3rd funding cycle). Funds are limited and are available until they run out.

Students will be contacted with any questions or notified of their status within 2 weeks of submitting their request.

Please answer the following questions (incomplete requests will not be reviewed):

Film Festival Funding Application

Film Festival Funding Application


1. Answer the following questions if you are applying for film festival application fees, a festival pass, and/or traveling to a festival your work will screen in. Write N/A in any questions that don’t pertain to your request.

2. If you are applying for a conference or event pass or to travel to a conference or event, answer the following:

3. If you are applying for something else, answer the following: