This is an idea i had for another film. For whatever reason i am extremely interested in animation in live action. Bear with me.

So the film opens with a young guy moving into his dorm the first year of college. He know he has a roommate and is naively excited to meet them and become best friends. Upon his arrival he is shocked to find that his his roommate is an animated character. Turns out the rest of his suite mates are animated characters. Honestly this is all i have to go on so far but i want it to be sort of a comedy with some degree of intelligence and feelgoodness to it, but like some dark realism that will appeal to our generation. Like eventually i want the main character to question his sanity but also have a really good time with these new friends. who apparently are real. To clarify, they are sort of like Wilfred in the sense that everyone can see them but they don’t acknowledge that they animated characters, only the main character see them this way for some reason.