About Us

The Evergreen Ecological Observation Network (EEON)

We have been measuring forest conditions and carbon flux in a lowland temperate rainforest at the Evergreen State College, WA since 2006.¬† This lowland Puget Sound ecosystem was last logged in the late 1930’s. Our efforts are centered on 44 intensively-studied long-term monitoring plots where we are measuring biological diversity, development, carbon dynamics, and decay of trees, snags, sub-canopy vegetation, and down-woody debris. But our datasets go back even further – to 1977, and through aerial photos we go back to 1939. We also conduct detailed measurements of soil CO2 efflux, root production, spatial relationships between trees and and soils. These data allow us to improve understanding of carbon dynamics and forest structure in a model lowland Puget Sound forest, as well as develop and ask interesting questions related to forest structure and diversity. Over-time, these data will allow us to address how forests change, and how climate change is affecting ecosystems. We are interested in collaboration with other labs. Please contact us about data sharing and joint projects. We are managed by the Fischer Lab of Plant Community and Ecosystem Ecology at the Evergreen State College.



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