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An Experiment and a Work in Progress: This website contains examples of student capstone projects within Food and Ag Studies at The Evergreen State College. Most students’ posts include: Abstract of a capstone or advanced learning project Link to a… Continue Reading →

M’s Capstone Project

Lost n’ Found: Finding Self Through Interdisciplinary Exploration

You once told me You wanted to find Yourself in the world – And I told you to First apply within To discover the world within you. Suzy Kassem My name is Zoe DeWitt and for most of my time… Continue Reading →

Buckwheat and Beyond

Abstract: West of the Cascades, alternative grains are tumbling towards the spotlight. Momentum builds with each planting, conversation, and pancake flipped. What can buckwheat, millet, amaranth, and quinoa reveal about the path forward? Zooming out, what roles can food and… Continue Reading →

Rooted Resilience: Nurturing a Sustainable CSA and Vegetable Farm

Over the span of three quarters, my project, “Learning to Start a Farm,” embarked on a comprehensive journey commencing in the spring and concluding in the fall. The initial phase involved laying the groundwork for a fledgling farm, focusing on… Continue Reading →

Cultivating Culinary Literacy through Garden Education

In 2022 I explored the idea of cultivating culinary literacy through garden education at HOPE Garden Project in Shelton, Washington. Our activities started off by building an outdoor kitchen at Mason General Hospital where the Older Youth Employment Program will… Continue Reading →

Homecoming: Recipes from My Multicultural Kitchen

“The recipe—the memory of her mother’s hands—had been lying dormant on her tongue for all those years. Tasting it must have been a kind of homecoming.”
— Grace M. Cho, Tastes Like War

Bitter Terroir: a Collection of Interdisciplinary Case Studies

Every bee that brings the honey Needs a sting to be complete And we all must learn to taste the bitter with the sweet. Naomi Shemerlyrics to Al Kol eleh My name is Sarah Dyer, and I have been fermenting… Continue Reading →

Community Outreach with Thurston Conservation District

Abstract: This internship with Thurston Conservation District is designed to be a community-based learning experience where the student will assist in bringing educational programs and conservation volunteer experiences to adults and youth in Thurston County. Activities the student will assist… Continue Reading →

TCFB School Garden Field Trips / Alamere Herbs

Abstract: In this one-quarter program entitled School Garden Field Trips the student will be teaching and helping to lead this year’s round of School Garden Field Trips through the Thurston County Food Bank. A program designed to provide equitable access to… Continue Reading →

Future of Wine in Wisconsin / From Green Bean to Coffee Cup

Abstract: During this one quarter project, entitled The Future of Wine in Wisconsin, the student will look into the future climate of Wisconsin and if it will be suitable for growing wine grapes. The student will also dig into the… Continue Reading →

Plants and Planets: Tending the Medieval Herb Garden

Abstract: In this Spring ILC, Plant and Planets, the student explored the epistemological foundations behind different systems of land stewardship including biodynamics, and traditional ecological knowledge, as well compiled a hand crafted Materia Medica using astrology as a language of… Continue Reading →

A Co-Curricular Community Garden Project

Abstract:  This project, started in the Spring of 2021, will highlight the culture and nuances of community oriented, regenerative agriculture. The students involved in this project will have the opportunity to learn about responsible bio-diverse farming & gardening through the… Continue Reading →

Transnational Inclusivity in Progressive Food Movements

My name is Stephen Garfield, and I have been working on a slow-burning, year-long project focusing on this question: How can displaced communities upholding traditional cuisine participate in a “model” food future? I began collecting potential sources for the research… Continue Reading →

Sustainability in Fashion: Flax to Linen

From The Evergreen Magazine article and photos by Shauna Bittle:  Katie Allen ’19 holds a bundle of flax fibers in one hand. In the other, she holds a simple drop spindle that resembles a child’s wooden top with an elongated… Continue Reading →

Slow Food Denver

Abstract: For this six credit program, the student will engage in workshops and dinners at the 2017 Slow Food Conference in Denver, CO to see how the Slow Food Movement impacts the way people view food. The student will discover… Continue Reading →

NOVIC Tomato Trial and Flavor Wheel

Abstract: Evaluating Disease Resistance, Productivity, and Flavor of Tomatoes in the PNW.

Structural Oppression and the American Culinary Identity

Abstract: This project will explore the history and place of women, immigrant, and enslaved people in the formation of the American culinary identity and examine the current state of American food culture. The student will do so by attending the… Continue Reading →

Flavor and Function: A Historical and Cultural Exploration of Food

Abstract: This project will explore the history and cultural implications of different foods and their origins due to their flavor (sensory enjoyability) or function (value to the society at a given point in history) through week-long projects intended to provide… Continue Reading →

Fundraising Event Coordination & Critical Eating Studies

Abstract: This quarter I will be continuing to deepen my understanding of the social and ecological implications of our food systems through the lens of critical eating studies. I will explore how we can disturb the “business as usual” foodie mindset. I… Continue Reading →

Marketing the Evergreen Terroir

Food- and agriculture-based programs at Evergreen are strong and have inspired hundreds of small farmers and entrepreneurs, and our campus’s sustainable energy and food procurement is some of the best. Despite the brilliant work being done, the college website and outward promotion of these activities remain outdated and insufficient.

Terroir: An Ensemble of Knowledge

A Senior Year Reflection by Annie Sloan ’16, currently studying Law and Food Policy, U of MI   My academic work was grounded in the belief that food is intrinsically social and stimulating. This thinking inspired me to create “tasting… Continue Reading →

Victory Farm: Greener Post-Capstone Project

From Thurston Talk’s “Learning Freely: Farming for Community (and College Credit) “Beau Gromley was in the 1st Special Forces Group stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord when he started building backyard gardens with Olympia’s Garden-Raised Bounty (GRuB). As an active-duty service… Continue Reading →

Bamboo U: Greener Post-Capstone Project

Greener Orin Hardy is back at home in Bali running Kul Kul Permaculture Farm and directing Bamboo U. (Photo credits:  and )  

SW WA Food Hub: Greener Post-Capstone Project

From All In WA: Creating Reliable and Diverse Community Food Systems in Southwest Washington Featuring Jesse Honiker, Greener, General Manager of the Southwest Washington Food Hub “The Southwest Washington Food Hub is tackling food insecurity and rural hunger issues by… Continue Reading →

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