Virtual Academic Fair – The Evergreen State College

May 11th, 2022 | 4 pm – 6 pm | via Zoom

Academic Fair
Want to learn more about the academic courses/programs and services Evergreen has to offer?
Go to the Academic Fair via Zoom!

What can you do at the Academic Fair?

Connect with faculty via Zoom

  • Go to Fall offerings | Summer Offerings
  • Get an updated syllabus, if available
  • Gain an understanding of the workload required for a program or course
  • Confirm you are prepared for work in your chosen program, course, research work, or individual study

Connect with Support Staff via Zoom

Connect with Graduate Programs via Zoom

  • Master in Teaching
  • Master of Public Administration 
  • Master of Environmental Studies

Faculty: enter your Fall and/or Summer Academic Fair entries (login required)