*This page is for scanning requests surrounding already processed film, 2d art, printed photos, and document scanning. If you are needing film processed and scans made of that film, please go to the film processing page of our website.

*Due to a higher volume of requests than usual and low staffing, our turn around time for prints and film is extended to two weeks. Please anticipate this when placing your requests.*

We are now offering remote scanning services! Scanning services are available for previously processed film negatives, 2d art, printed photos, documents, etc. All work must be 12in x 17in or smaller to be scanned – if you are looking to have something scanned that is larger than these dimensions, please email us at photolandstaff@evergreen.edu. Any artwork that you would like scanned must be dry and clean ie no wet oil paint or charcoal that hasn’t been sprayed with fixative.

To have your work scanned, follow these steps below:

  • Figure out the price of your scans and pay at the link here
    • 2D artwork, printed photos and documents are all $5 per scan – must be smaller than 12in x 17in
    • 35mm film and 120mm film that has already been processed previously is $8 for a full contact sheet and $5 per frame up to $50 (ie you pay for up to 10 frames or $50 for the whole roll).
    • Slide film scans are $5 per slide.
    • Scanning and copying is available for 3D work and larger scale projects but require additional information and pricing. Please contact us at photolandstaff@evergreen.edu if you are looking to inquire about these services.
  • After you have paid for your scans, please fill out the scanning request form and attach your payment receipt.
  • Please allow at least one week after dropping off your work for turn around time – due to low staffing, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to get the scans completed by your requested date. If we will be unable to do so, a staff member will contact you with an estimated turn around time.