Film Purchasing for programs under Amjad Faur can be completed on this page. Please follow the instructions below to submit a film purchase. Film purchase orders should be submitted by Thursday each week with pick-ups occurring at Evergreen’s campus on Fridays.

To purchase film for your program, you must follow these steps

  • Tally the total amount of rolls and types of film you are purchasing. After figuring out your total, pay for your rolls here. Do not exit out of your receipt!! The types of film available for purchase are
    • Color – 35mm Fuji Superia $5.66 per roll, 120mm Ektar $9.97 per roll
    • Black and White – 35mm Ilford HP5 400 $6.52 per roll, 120mm Ilford HP5 400 $4.78 per roll
  • Email your receipt to and include  the type of film you purchased along with how many of each roll. If we do not receive this email, we will be unable to complete your order.
  • Film purchases should be completed by Thursday evening. Orders will be able to be picked up on Evergreen’s campus on Friday’s between 11am and 2pm. When you arrive on campus, call (360)-867-6274 to let the lab aide know you are here and that you are picking up a film purchasing order (please state this as this is also a film processing pick up time). The lab aide will then bring your order up to the front of the library for a distanced hand off. Come prepared with a copy of your receipt in case there is any mix up.