*The Digital Imaging Studio is only available to be checked out by students currently enrolled in a photography program – these programs are The Narrative Tableaux and Photography: Foundations.  Due to limited staffing and unpredictable conditions amid COVID-19, the lab may have to close suddenly. In the event of a sudden closure, we will put an announcement on the front page of our website, photo.evergreen.edu and an email will be sent to your class. Always check our website before coming in to work in the lab.*

Anyone using the DIS must first receive a proficiency. You may reserve up to two work sessions at a time up to a week in advance. Visit the Photoland desk to make a reservation for the DIS. You may also call the desk at (360) 867-6274 to make a reservation.  Work sessions are two hour time blocks and the computers in the DIS may not be reserved during class times. You must arrive for your reserved time within 15 minutes of your reservation time or your time slot will be forfeited. 

You may drop in to use the DIS but there are no guarantees that a computer station will be available for your use if you do not make a reservation in advance. If there are computers available and unreserved when you drop in, you may use one. When coming in for your reserved work session, check in at the Photoland front desk. A lab aide will take your Evergreen ID and checkout any equipment to you that you may need. Then they will walk you to your computer station.

No eating in the DIS. Drinks are allowed in covered containers only. Your computer station should be cleaned and left in the same condition as when you checked in. Please take care of the space and clean up after yourself. You must be cleaned up and out of the DIS by the end time of your reservation time Scanners should be turned off and the reflective scanning cover should be put back in place after use. Negative carriers should be returned to their proper locations and don’t forget your originals!  

The door to the DIS should remain closed at all times. Do not let anyone enter the DIS. If someone comes to the door, instruct them to go around the corner and see a lab aide at the Photoland desk.  Please use headphones for listening to music and be considerate of others need for a quiet workspace.  

Safety Procedures for using the DIS:

College-wide COVID health and safety policies must be observed at all times. Stay up to date with these at evergreen.edu/covid19. In short, masks are required and keep your distance from others working in the space Only students currently enrolled in photography classes are permitted in the DIS at any time.  

Masks must remain on at all times 

Do not install any software on DIS computers. Tampering with the computers will result in loss of DIS privileges and may result in other disciplinary measures.  

* These policies apply to everyone who uses Photoland, including students, faculty, and staff. Failure to follow these policies will result in your lab privileges being revoked. 

Check the announcements page of our website prior to coming into the lab to check for sudden closures.