HAPPieR (Holistic Advising: Policy & Practices Review) Update

The HAPPieR team has met all through fall and winter quarters. Three separate sub-teams met to discuss and make recommendations on 1) Syllabi and Credits; 2) evaluations; and 3) academic standing and required leave. Each group thought carefully about both policies and practices that sometimes create obstacles for students. Each made recommendations, which we have compiled in a draft. We have shared an intital version of this draft with CAT Leaders and it is included below.

Unfortunately, the faculty meeting agenda has been packed full with other pressing work and we have not been able to engage with folks as often as we would have liked. To this end, we are sharing our draft report here for people to review, with the hope that we can engage in conversations this spring and summer. Some summer workshops are being built around these recommendations to offer ways for people to engage. 

We encourage you to please read this draft set of recommendations with an open and generous mind, with a particular focus on the student experience. Please note that our recommendations are sometimes around policy, but more often around practices. This means a willingness to shift our culture toward more student-friendly, supportive processes that provide more cohesion and a clear experience for students. So grab your coffee or tea and settle in! We look forward to conversations around these issues in the weeks and months ahead. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING OUR TEAM, WE WOULD HEARTILY WELCOME MORE FACULTY MEMBERSHIP!

Huge thanks to our work group so far for digging into some tangled, messy and sometimes deeply troubling issues. On we go!! (Please share feedback with Karen Gaul at gaulk@evergreen.edu.)

https://evergreen0- my.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/personal/gaulk_evergreen_edu/EarZ2Uepwo1CkBXbjbQs4DoBDyPc3QemjJc82V1JoZZY8A?e=LXl842



1 thought on “HAPPieR (Holistic Advising: Policy & Practices Review) Update

  1. Cynthia Kennedy

    Thanks to all on this team. I have read the document and can see a lot of thought and care went into your recommendations. While some of them sort of make me stop breathing (because they are such a change), I understand the reasoning and am prepared for generative conversations to move us in the direction you are leading us.

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