Program Covenant

The Nature of Music: Patterns, Paradox and Possibilities Covenant

We come together as a learning community, seeking to gain a greater understanding of the phenomenon of music—how it works, how we experience it, and how it has impacted our development as individuals and communities. The success of this program is entirely dependent on your willingness to consider ideas from a variety of new perspectives and in ways that have the potential of enhancing your life.

Insight is best achieved when people share ideas openly and build collaboratively, but to do so, everyone must feel safe to contribute. It is our shared responsibility to create and protect that safe environment.

The rules are these:

Much of the work in this program will be experiential and experiential learning cannot be “made up”. Your attendance and full participation in all program meetings is essential.

Be on time. When one person delays 30 people for one minute, 30 minutes are wasted. It happens to all of us occasionally, but it is each of our responsibility to minimize it.

Treat those around you with respect. Be candid when something needs to be said, or when someone needs be defended. Be honorable, and honor others.

Apologize for harm you have caused. Accept earnest apologies from others.

Failure is to be expected. It is an inherent part of success. Understand its meaning, but don’t dwell on it more than is useful.

You are not in competition with each other. Everyone can succeed. Everyone can fail. Or some can succeed while others fail. But no one needs to fail for others to succeed.

Everyone has the right to take back things that they no longer believe, or that did not properly represent their beliefs when they originally spoke. Speak knowing you can change or retract what you have said, and listen to others knowing they have that option as well.

Respect ideas generated by others. When you borrow an idea, say from whom you have borrowed, and what you have borrowed. Be generous about attribution. Err in the right direction.

Transformative learning occurs when people find their way to powerful ideas rather than being handed those ideas. Assigned readings, written work and creative projects are intended to assist in your discovery of ideas that can have a powerful impact on your life. It is important to arrive to program discussions, seminars and workshops with all assigned work completed.

You will provide a self-evaluation and a faculty evaluation at the end of the term, and you will receive an evaluation of your work from the professor. Credit is not awarded until your evaluations are submitted.