Performance Thoughts

Each of you made the world a better place today.  The honesty and authenticity with which you presented your music touched hearts and minds and I hope you will never doubt how much that matters in our world.  The sensitivity with which you supported each other and raised each other up was palpable.  You all come to this work with a wide range of experiences – musically & personally – yet you created a space for each of us to embrace and better understand our common humanity.  Please know your good work is noticed & cherished and that your honest work and your voice make a difference for all of us.

Week 9

I hope everyone had a restorative week and that you are rested and ready for our performance work this week.

  1.  Please be set-up and ready for a program run-through by 10:00 a.m. on Monday morning.  Our goal is a complete run of the program on Monday morning & again in the afternoon.
  2. We will talk on Monday as to the best use of our time together on Wednesday.
  3. Program performance is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. on Thursday with a call time of 12:00 noon.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing all of you on Monday morning!

Week 8

  1.  Performance workshop on Monday afternoon for everyone who did not perform last week (week 7).  Everyone should be prepared to present week 9 performance pieces on Thursday when we will make our first attempt to determine order of works on the final performance.
  2. Monday morning we will meet in room 110.  Monday afternoon in the recital hall.
  3. Weekly reading schedule can be found in tab at the top of this site. Please have the final chapter of Margulis’s On Repeat read before our Monday morning program meeting. 
  4. Seminar preparation prompt can be found here.

Week 7

  1.  Monday Rehearsal Schedule Is attached Here – You are also welcome to go to the 3rd floor office and schedule other spaces for additional rehearsal times.  Small groups can also use practice rooms on the 2nd floor.  
  2. Thursday afternoon performance workshop – “Alone”, “Untitled 1”, “Untitled 2” “Insanity Aint So Bad”, “Cry For Me Oh Luna”, “Happy Sad Music”, “Blue”, “Climbing Up The Walls” & “Nocturne” are on the schedule. Others wishing to participate in this week’s performance workshop should let me know and I will work them in as time permits.
  3. Thursday morning we will begin with discussion of program texts.  Please prepare a typed document to turn in that responds to these.


Week 6

Reading Schedule:

For Monday – “In Search Of An Ecology Of Music” , PDF found under the “Readings” Tab & “On Repeat”, Chapter 5

For Wednesday “The Creative Habit”, Chapters 9-12.  Writing prompt for Wednesday seminar found here.

Week 5

Reading Schedule:

For Monday – “On Repeat” , Chapter 4 (Pages 55-94)

For Wednesday “The Creative Habit”, Chapters 6, 7 & 8 (Pages 92-159)  – come to seminar prepared to discuss week 9 performance ideas in addition to main points from the reading

Instead of a seminar paper, prepare a mid-quarter self evaluation – for guidelines click here

Week 4

A friendly reminder that your seminar prompt is posted under “seminar prompts” tab.  Note a small change at the end of the prompt from previous weeks –

“Instead of a question this week – at the end of your essay, identify major concepts/themes/ideas that you have developed a deeper understanding of or are considering in new ways since beginning this program. And, identify some terminology (musical and/or non-musical) that has come up in the reading that is new to you and of which you are developing an understanding.”

This change is intended to help you further organize your thoughts for mid-quarter evaluations next week (week 5).  I plan to meet with each of you individually during week 5 and will ask you to prepare a mid-quarter self evaluation for those meetings.

Looking Ahead To Week 3

  1.  Please see seminar prompt which is posted in tab above
  2. Additional reading “The Grid A Life Principle”  found in tab above
  3. Please do some individual research on Fibonacci numbers and golden/divine section