H. Richard Milner IV provided a useful framework that assists educators in creating and implementing equitable learning opportunities that help all students engage in learning. In his book, Start Where You Are, But Don’t Stay There, Milner (2015) stated, “The framework covers five interconnected areas that I believe are critical in helping educators bridge and shed light on opportunity gaps: (1) rejection of color blindness; (2) ability and skill to understand, work through, and transcend cultural conflicts; (3) ability to understand how meritocracy operates; (4) ability to recognize and shift low expectations and deficit mind-sets; and (5) rejection of context-neutral mind-sets and practices” (p.13-14).

In this program, we will use Milner’s framework to actively seek to expand and refine our knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions in service to our future students, and as Milner said, “in service with the community.” This work is challenging, frequently scary, messy, and contradictory, but, ultimately, a gift to our own development and to our ability to engage effectively with students.